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PS24 won't use an edited version of a Title

Last post 12-26-2020, 15:09 by OldRock. 0 replies.
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  •  12-26-2020, 15:09 809882

    PS24 won't use an edited version of a Title

    This is one of many frustrating defects I've encountered in the revised titles functionality of PS24.  I needed to make a couple of small changes (one of which is mandatory) to a set of end credits.  When I have the title block open in the Title/Text screen it shows exactly as edited.  When I click on Library, or Title in the submenu (instead of Text) it reverts to the prior version.  When I render the video it always uses the prior version.  I've tried saving the title and reloading it, with the same result - it shows the edited version on the Title/Text screen but reverts to the prior version for any other view.  I tried loading the saved title in a new video and it also has the same result.  I've tried restarting PS24 and rebooting Windows.  I even tried starting a new title and copying individual layers from the edited title to the new one.  Still the same result.  The only thing that worked is to manually type in all of the credits again into a new title.  

    The attached jpg shows the edited title in Title/Text immediately before and after clicking on Title/Title.  

    The Titles functionality is very good, but the defects make it unbelievably difficult to work with. I use Titles to add lyrics to the song videos, with keyframing to change from one line to the next in each verse.  Once I have the first verse timing set to match the audio, I copy that and edit the text on each line for the next verse.  Invariably when I get to the second, third or fourth line it refuses to save the edit.  Most of the time I can move forward by saving the title and returning to the text screen.  Sometimes that doesn't work and I have to save, close the program, and reboot before I can get it to take the next edited line.  

    The other frustration I have with titles is that in 1080p HD the text looks like it's in a VGA movie, with fuzzy edges instead of the crisp sharp edges you expect in HD.  The only partial work-around I've found for this is to use the Edit/Effects/Camera/Sharpen feature. That makes them a little sharper, but it increases the rendering time several-fold.  A three-minute song video takes between two and three hours.

     I'm documenting all this here in case anyone from the development team is watching.  Please get us a fixed version soon! 

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