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Transitions between video clips are making noise

Last post 12-01-2020, 1:01 by evarnon. 1 replies.
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  •  11-19-2020, 9:55 807820

    Transitions between video clips are making noise

    I'm working in Pinnacle 23 with a collection of short video clips.  I'm using the Chroma Key effect since the vids were shot on a green screen.  The problem I'm having is with the transitions between the various video clips and even some of my pictures and titles.  I'm getting a loud buzzing noise over some of the transitions but not all.  The noise is very sporadic and although it may be present on one transition during a preview, if I run another preview of the same video the noise may be gone.  The noise is also carrying through to my finished/exported video.  I've tried both fading and dissolving between the clips but the noise persists.

    Has anyone else encountered this and if so, have you found a solution?  Any insight would be appreciated.



  •  12-01-2020, 1:01 808500 in reply to 807820

    Re: Transitions between video clips are making noise

    Hi Patric,

     YES! I struggled with this big time a few months ago when I started editing on a weekly basis. Drove me nuts. I still don't understand what causes it for me, but I've been able to almost completely eliminate the problem by utilizing multiple tracks instead of butting clips up next to one another with a transition between the two on the same track. If you are able, move one clip to a track below or above and drag it so that the two clips overlap more than the length of your transition. Add the transition to the top clip. That has fixed the issue (most of the time) for me. 

     Sometimes the problem was a transition on a title, though. The fix there, again, was to make sure the clip below overlapped beyond the length of the transition. You might have to play with your audio at the end/beginning of clips so that isn't an issue. I guess you could always detach the audio and clip it to the right length.

     Now that I say that out loud...maybe that's the problem? I'd have to test this next time I have the problem - but I wonder if you detach the audio of the clips where the problem occurs...the transition will carry over to the new audio track. Just remove that transition from the audio track and see if that fixes it? Just a thought.

     Hope this helps! 


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