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Studio 24 - Disc Menu Malfunction

Last post 11-15-2020, 11:40 by culpanr. 1 replies.
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  •  11-15-2020, 7:54 807616

    Studio 24 - Disc Menu Malfunction

    Hi everyone. My Problem: The Disc Menu function works perfectly in Studio 22, but NOT IN STUDIO 24:

    When I create my individual Menu and make Normal Buttons, they do not show the Selection resp. Activation in the Menu simulator.

    If nontheless I export the Disc and burn it, the Menu in the BD Player will not work !

    QUESTION: Why does the Menu work OK in Studio 22 and fails in Studio 24 ???

    NB: I have contacted the Corel Support for more than a week, but they would not find out, nor do they offer a solution or a Patch - - -

    Thanks for any efficient hint or a Patch solution!

    Erhard from Switzerland

  •  11-15-2020, 11:40 807635 in reply to 807616

    Re: Studio 24 - Disc Menu Malfunction

    ...QUESTION: Why does the Menu work OK in Studio 22 and fails in Studio 24 ???

    It appears to be a bug in Studio 24. I can reproduce the following (running Studio Ultimate -

    • Use a stock menu as-is, or edit it to re-purpose the existing buttons (but do not create any new buttons from scratch) - disc simulator and export are OK
    • Create new menu buttons from scratch - not OK; the selected/active highlight is not shown in either the disc simulator or in the exported disc image. But the navigation works if I play the disc image with VLC and use the mouse to click the buttons, so the issue appears here to be that the selected/active button highlight has been lost

    A possible workaround may be to create the menu in an earlier version of Studio and save it as a file under your "My Menus" folder. Then quick-import that file using Studio 24 and use it in the disc project.


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