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Unable to export

Last post 11-12-2020, 7:18 by Thunderace7. 4 replies.
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  •  11-10-2020, 10:47 807413

    Unable to export


    I'm using Studio 19 ( and I am having trouble exporting files.

    I am importing an mp4 file, changing the audio volume and then exporting it.  It all seems to work properly until the very end.  I used to get a pop-up box saying the export is complete and giving the option to open the file with File Explorer or Media Player.  I am now, however, getting the box without the option of Media Player and, if I select File Explorer, nothing happens.  If I close the box and look for the file it is not saved anywhere.

    I have changed nothing in Studio since I last used it successfully but I have had a few Windows updates.  I am using Windows 10.

    Has anyone any idea as to what is wrong, please?



  •  11-10-2020, 12:07 807420 in reply to 807413

    Re: Unable to export

    If you load the sample movie project (?>Load sample movie), and export it, does it export correctly?

    What type of file (what created it, the source) are you trying to export? 

  •  11-10-2020, 18:34 807440 in reply to 807420

    Re: Unable to export

    I loaded the-sky-is-the-limit.axp and exported it to my desktop as sky.mp4.  Again, I got the completion notification without the link to Media player. I then got a message from my antivirus program saying it had prevented Studio from deleting an mp4 file from my desktop. The filename consisted of 10 or 12 numerical digits with the .mp4 suffix.  I  did not  make a note of the numeric digits. I dismissed the message and looked for the mp4 file.  It was not there. 

     Why would Studio delete the file it had just made?

    Does it save the file with an arbitrary name and then rename it?


  •  11-10-2020, 18:50 807441 in reply to 807440

    Re: Unable to export

    Ps, as with most programs, write to a temporary file, the hex file you are mentioning,  then once the export is complete, copies it to the exported filename.  Your anti virus program is screwing it up.  You need to ad the ps programs to it ok list.
  •  11-12-2020, 7:18 807501 in reply to 807441

    Re: Unable to export

    That fixed it.  Thank you very much.

    AV programmes seem to cause more problems than they're worth. 

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