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Pinnacle Studio 24 upgrade on Win 10 hangs

Last post 09-16-2020, 11:59 by saby. 2 replies.
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  •  09-15-2020, 20:02 805461

    Pinnacle Studio 24 upgrade on Win 10 hangs


    I bought the upgrade from PS21 to PS24 (both Ultimate).  When trying to install 24, I get to the screen for the license key, enter the license key, and hit next.  Nothing happens - it just hangs there forever until I close it - no errors or anything.  If I close out and do it again, but enter my PS21 key, I get an invalid key error.  No error with the correct key, but it just hangs there.  I left it for two hours and came back to the same screen..  I have a good Internet connection (I am posting here, afterall), I did contact support, but they have not been able to help ('download the installer' , 'Use your PS24 key' - I had actually sent a screen shot including the first characters of each section of the key) , so I am getting a bit frustrated - it has been a week now.  My machine is an I7 with 32 GB RAM,and an NVIDIA GTX graphics card, so resources should not be an issue.  I also tried uninstalling PS21 - same thing.  Reinstalled 21, 21 worked fine.  24 still won't install.  Also, I tried installing as admin as well as under UAC - no difference.  Has anyone run into this or does anyone have any recommendations?    Thank you.  

  •  09-16-2020, 5:17 805465 in reply to 805461

    Re: Pinnacle Studio 24 upgrade on Win 10 hangs

    In case your download of the installer-stub was corrupted, try downloading it again

    • If within 30 days of the purchase you can use the link from Cleverbridge that was in your purchase confirmation email
    • Alternatively, get a copy of the installer-stub from this page


  •  09-16-2020, 11:59 805470 in reply to 805465

    Re: Pinnacle Studio 24 upgrade on Win 10 hangs

    Hi and welcome to this forum.

    If Richard's suggestion fails, would you be ok to send an email to someone at Corel including your license key ? This way they could check out wether something is wrong with it or not.

    If you agree, I'll send you a private message with the email address of this employee.

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