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audio problems

Last post 09-09-2020, 20:08 by acsscott. 17 replies.
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  •  09-06-2020, 23:36 804968

    audio problems

    playing preview vid by hitting l key will not play any audio unless i hit l key twice (most times) sometime it plays after first key stoke but hit k and then hit l again: no sound, hit l again while vid is playing sound comes on. This is for all timeline sounds.

     hitting space bar is hit and miss mostly no sound. 

    using the play button under playback window mostly audio ok but not always.

    Export to pc: everything is ok vid, sound, sync no probs.

    Must be my pc because it started happen on ps20u i think (could be earlier) continued in 22/23 and now in just full installed 24u (deleted everything related to pinnacle with revo pro). 

    It could even have started after building new pc.

    wound anybody have an idea what could be wrong here?

  •  09-06-2020, 23:45 804969 in reply to 804968

    Re: audio problems

    and also I do not have a problem with any other progs playing audio
  •  09-07-2020, 3:25 804972 in reply to 804969

    Re: audio problems

    Do you have any other programs installed and resident that might be diverting/remapping the keyboard? A screen capture program, would be an example of this.
  •  09-07-2020, 5:58 804977 in reply to 804972

    Re: audio problems

    as far as I know only the screen capture with ps. How can I find out if there are others?

  •  09-07-2020, 6:45 804979 in reply to 804977

    Re: audio problems

    You probaly would have known you installed something like that.

    You could check for any unusual startup programs in the task manager.

  •  09-07-2020, 9:18 804983 in reply to 804979

    Re: audio problems

    That's a good point. It could be a keyboard skimmer sending your keystokes.  Like a data skimmer used to snatched your user names and passwords. It happened to a friend of mine.  It was a Google Chrome plug in that was set to always run, even when chrome was not running.
  •  09-07-2020, 11:02 804988 in reply to 804983

    Re: audio problems

    Something to check if you suspect your keystrokes are being logged and sent to a third party. 

    Make sure the following Chrome Extensions are not loaded in Chrome or any Chrome based Browser. I.E. Brave

    Glance networks
    Fea keylogger

    Next make sure NO extensions are set to run when Chrome is Closed

    Under "You and Google", Make sure "Sync and personalize chrome across my devices" is off. 

    Check these settings again after a couple days.  If you are being hacked, they will turn them back on. 


    What happens: 

    The hacker gets your google login(Read how below).  They add these two extensions to your google account and don't say or do anything to make you notice. The hacker turns on "Continue running background apps when google chrome is closed". You have  "Sync and personalize chrome across my devices" turned on.  Now any computer that you are logged into, or do log into with you google ID in the upper right corner gets these extensions installed.  It runs even when chrome is not open. The hacker can now see your screens and all the keys you type on every machine that you ever logged into your google account on.  Every app, even when chrome is closed.  Even you bank login info and accounts.

    My friend had his entire business shut down and his money transferred from his bank accounts using this method according to the FBI investigation.  The FBI installed a program called Glasswire on his computers are were able to track it down to these extensions sending his info to China.  His company used a google account with google calendar for job status and scheduling for his business.  It spread to all 27 of his service technicians and all 20 of his office employees.  After three months of investigation they tracked it down to a virus on one of the employees cell phones that allowed someone to catch the login information for the business google account.

    Google says these extension are necessary for app developers, and does not deem them as a virus or malware when used for good.

    Glasswire monitors all Ethernet traffic per application and service, so you can see what is coming in and out and where it is going.  Pretty neat app.  pops up notices when a new app or service uses the Ethernet. 


  •  09-07-2020, 19:15 805009 in reply to 804988

    Re: audio problems

    Thank's for trying to help me with my problem, but I've uninstalled every program playing audio, even logitech for my keyboard. 

    Checked Chrome for any extension, found nothing there that's in any way suspicious.

    it's very annoying not finding the culprit :-(


  •  09-07-2020, 19:49 805011 in reply to 805009

    Re: audio problems

    Well, at least you didn't have a key logger on your computer.

    Did you try  right-clicking and disabling programs in task Mgr Startup one at a time, restarting, and see if it works correctly?

    I've been a PS user for a long time.  I've never experienced what you are experiencing. Very Strange

  •  09-08-2020, 4:03 805019 in reply to 805011

    Re: audio problems

    Yes I did disable all of the progs in the startup but no diff.

    While playing around with it I noticed when I wait longer than a sec before hitting the L key after stopping the play it works ok. So far anyway...

    Maybe if I wipe my second ssd and install win10 and PS only on that and use it as my editing boot? 

    Oh well I just have to try. It's just to frustrating.

    I think it started when I rebuild the pc.


  •  09-08-2020, 12:43 805059 in reply to 805019

    Re: audio problems

    Post a screen capture of your timeline so I can see your track layout.
  •  09-09-2020, 17:50 805166 in reply to 805059

    Re: audio problems

    I did a copy/past and it came out really large. when I posted it It's blocked pending moderators approval?!
  •  09-09-2020, 17:57 805167 in reply to 805166

    Re: audio problems

    Does zooming out on the timeline make it smaller?
  •  09-09-2020, 18:30 805168 in reply to 805166

    Re: audio problems

    I did a copy/past and it came out really large. when I posted it It's blocked pending moderators approval?!
    I'm afraid this forum is a bit backward when it come to including images:

  •  09-09-2020, 19:18 805171 in reply to 805168

    Re: audio problems

    Yeah that what I did and nothing happened...that's when I did the copy/paste.


  •  09-09-2020, 19:20 805172 in reply to 805171

    Re: audio problems

    I'll try again:


  •  09-09-2020, 19:21 805173 in reply to 805172

    Re: audio problems

    Oh wow this time it worked...
  •  09-09-2020, 20:08 805175 in reply to 805173

    Re: audio problems

    I don't see anything unusual.
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