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Titler with more options

Last post 08-23-2020, 4:00 by Bob keen. 12 replies.
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  •  08-21-2020, 5:29 803236

    Titler with more options

    The titler has improved in terms of resolution with PS24, but I would have liked to have seen the ability to have more object shapes by having nodes on the shapes to drag them as with Pinnacle Studio 14. It is a shame that after all this time, the titler in the very early version was superior to the current one.
  •  08-21-2020, 15:55 803267 in reply to 803236

    Re:Titler with more options

    Sorry Bob, but I disagree with your statement about shapes.

    In the old titler of PS14 one could only draw squares and circles and modify their sizes and make them as rectangles or ellipses.

    One can do the same in Motion titler & New PS24's titler + add triangles and rounded squares.

  •  08-22-2020, 1:19 803294 in reply to 803267

    Re: Re:Titler with more options

    Yes Yann but a simple drag of one corner of a rectangle in PS14 would turn it into a 45 degree slant at the ends. This cannot be done.
  •  08-22-2020, 4:26 803308 in reply to 803294

    Re: Re:Titler with more options

    Sorry, would you post some screenshots of what you're talking about ?
  •  08-22-2020, 5:56 803315 in reply to 803308

    Re: Re:Titler with more options

    I don't have S14 on my computer any more and so am unable to post an example. Essentially, what I am describing is a rectangle where the ends slope at a 45 degree angle rather than at 90 degrees (upright). I believe this was achievable by grabbing a corner and dragging it.

    If you have ever watched American Major League Soccer on TV they use it for their clock/score display.


  •  08-22-2020, 6:08 803316 in reply to 803315

    Re: Re:Titler with more options

    Attachment: ps24.jpg

    It was achievable by grabbing a node above the square and it's still possible in modern versions of Studio, including new PS24's titler.

  •  08-22-2020, 8:05 803321 in reply to 803316

    Re: Re:Titler with more options

    That gives you two slopes ( thus making a point). I was after a single sloping line.
  •  08-22-2020, 8:17 803323 in reply to 803321

    Re: Re:Titler with more options

  •  08-22-2020, 9:33 803328 in reply to 803323

    Re: Re:Titler with more options

    If you have a perfect rectangle the ends would be standing upright at 90 degrees. Pulling out the bottom right corner of the left upright would cause a sloping of this upright to 45 degrees. The same action applied to the other side (still pulling to the left) would mean both of the end lines would be at 45 degrees and parallel to each other. Difficult to describe, I know, but suffice it to say that Studio 24 cannot do it.
  •  08-22-2020, 18:54 803343 in reply to 803328

    Re: Re:Titler with more options

    Attachment: tilt.jpg
    You can tilt the shape in PS24. Is that what you mean?

  •  08-23-2020, 2:09 803345 in reply to 803343

    Re: Re:Titler with more options

    Almost Jeff yes. If it were inverted and the two ends were parallel that would be what I am after. How did you achieve that please? I assume you started with the square and I note that you have applies a tilt of 24, but how did you make the shape itself?


  •  08-23-2020, 3:55 803347 in reply to 803345

    Re: Re:Titler with more options

    Attachment: shear.jpg

    I think what you need for that is a Pen tool, Corner pinning or Sheer as feature requests

    There are workrounds, obviously. Draw the shape in any graphiocs program and then add it as a layer in the titler. If you make the shape in a single layer title you can add Sheer with 3D Editor CPU. But the new titler is so nearly there - it's HD titles are sharp again!

    ADDED - and the old titer was no where near in terms of 3D transformation and motions/animations on a letter-by letter, line by line or word by word basis.

  •  08-23-2020, 4:00 803348 in reply to 803347

    Re: Re:Titler with more options

    Hi Jeff

    Thanks for the information and help. You are right of course, the titler is not far off being comprehensive. Probably would not take a lot to enhance it a little further. Just depends on Corel's priorities. 

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