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Unable to Burn to DVD with Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate

Last post 07-25-2020, 15:30 by saby. 3 replies.
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  •  07-24-2020, 22:55 801913

    Unable to Burn to DVD with Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate

    I am unable to burn a video to DVD with Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate. I had NO problems the last time I used this program over a year ago.

    When I go to "Export", I immediately get an error window that says:

    "Parameter set is invalid. Default parameters will be set."

    I can hit ok to clear the window. I can select any other Export type (File, Cloud, Device, etc) and start to burn to a file type and there doesn't seem to be any issues.

    But when I select "Disc" which is my default, it gives me the same error window as I mentioned above.

    I can change the settings (Type: DVD, Preset: either Best Quality, or Fit to Disc), it doesn't matter. Under "device" it says "No device connected".

    I can see the burners in other programs and can burn to them (I have two completely different burner types, an LG blu-ray burner, and an older Lite On DVD burner - both have completely updated firmware). Studio 20 is the most up to date I could find ( (64-bit)). Windows 10 64-bit is completely up to date.

    I can see my burners when I open select "Burn files to disc". It appears to let me Burn Files to disc, but this doesn't help me - I need to burn a DVD. When I try to "Create Image", a window pops up telling me "Target Disc not Big Enough" (if I select any of the options - "choose your target disc media", etc - nothing happens). (I'm trying to burn a single video file set up in Studio that's only 1 hour and 15 minutes long, there should be plenty of room on any disc, not to mention my hard drives where the image will go.) If I could get an image burned, I could find another way to get it on the DVD, but I can't even burn an image. 

    I even tried loading in another video editing project that I had no troubling burning before and I can't make a disc. Everything is blanked out in the Export menu - "Preset details" are blank, the blue and gold pie chart that show you how much is left on the disc is blank ("Available: O B = 0 sec", "Quality: 0%", etc). The "Target Size" drop down menu is blank. 

    I forgot how much "fun" this program is and why I had to put aside a project I was working on for my sanity (though my problems over a year ago were editing issues and workarounds). I'm so thoroughly over this program and don't know why it can't work the way it's supposed to with minimum fuss. I've been using Pinnacle for years and it's always been a major headache. But I at least understand it mostly, so I'm loath to change and try to learn a new program.
  •  07-25-2020, 3:05 801915 in reply to 801913

    Re:Unable to Burn to DVD with Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate

    Reset PS20's library. It should fix it.
  •  07-25-2020, 15:25 801950 in reply to 801915

    Re: Re:Unable to Burn to DVD with Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate

    Well dang, that did it! Only took about 5 seconds.

    THANK YOU! I greatly appreciate your help! :) 

  •  07-25-2020, 15:30 801951 in reply to 801950

    Re: Re:Unable to Burn to DVD with Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate

    You're welcome.
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