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Multi-Cam Editor Quirks and Questions

Last post 07-02-2020, 6:41 by Tony P. 1 replies.
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  •  07-01-2020, 17:18 801304

    Multi-Cam Editor Quirks and Questions

    Hello, all!  Thanks up front for any insights or suggestions. 

    I've been doing a lot of multi-cam editing recently in Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate.  I've been getting things done, but I wonder if there are some improvements I can make to my workflow. 


    The pieces I've been working on are songs played on a church organ.  I get multiple files sent to me as .MOV files shot from a combination of iPhones and DSLRs.  These include separate angles of the console from the left and right sides and a shot of the foot pedals.  I also get an audio file from a high-quality digital recorder.  I then mix these with still photos and videos of the church.

     Issue #1:  The multi-cam editor doesn't seem to like the .MOV files if I try to insert them directly after downloading and importing.  They have sound but no picture, just a blank screen.  They work fine in the Pinnacle Studio main program, though.  I'm having to create a new movie, insert each clip one at a time, and then export each as a new Quicktime file.  Only after re-importing these re-imaged files will they work in multi-camera editing.  (In the linked photo, cameras 1 & 2 are the same footage.  Camera 1 is the .MOV file I received.  Camera 2 is the .MOV file I created by re-exporting the file.)


    [click to view image]


    Issue #2:   The audio sync doesn't seem to work very well with organ music.  I was having limited success with using a selected area sync, but it generally just seems quicker to do it manually.  I use a marker sync to get them close, then zoom in to the maximum and tweak each line manually. I've asked the organist to do a few claps at the beginning of filming to give me visual cues, but that doesn't always happen.  When doing this manual sync, though, I'm often not able to move things into exact alignment.  It will either jump before or after where I want the clip to align to.  Neither will it allow me to place a marker exactly on the spot, allowing it to only go before or after the spot I actually want.  I'm assuming these are the frames and to increase that granularity I'd need to have the videos recorded in a higher frame rate?  (In the linked images, the two markers show the closest I can get to the spot in the sound that I really want to mark.)


    [click to view image]   [click to view image]


    Issue #3:  This one's definitely a genuine bug.  Unlike the typical Pinnacle Studio random crashes, I can re-create this one every time I try it.  Create a multi-cam file and save it.  Add that MCAM to the timeline of a new video.  Double-click on it to edit it as a sub-project.  Select either the multi-camera or PiP track and add a mask track to it.  Ctrl-Click and drag to add the mask and BAM...   Pinnacle disappears completely.  Same thing if you highlight a clip and click on the Mask menu at the top of the screen.  As soon as you click the "Create Mask" button, good-bye, Pinnacle.  The only way I've found around this is to leave clips that need to be masked out of the multi-camera file and sync them separately as a track in the final project.


    Issue #4:  When editing a MCAM file as a sub-project in a movie file, it shows all the various cameras on tracks, but those tracks are disabled and grayed out.  Is there any way to access these other than going back into the MCAM editor and re-mixing the entire multi-camera file?   (The linked image shows the tracks I'm talking about when the MCAM file is inserted into a movie and then double-clicked to edit as a sub-project.)


    [click to view image]


    I purchased Corel VideoStudio 2020 thinking it might have better multi-camera capabilities.  Well, the joke's on me.  It's the exact same MCAM routine that's included with Pinnacle Studio.


    Here's a sample of what I've been working on: 

  •  07-02-2020, 6:41 801318 in reply to 801304

    Re: Multi-Cam Editor Quirks and Questions

    First, nicely done!! I happen to love organ music and am amazed by those who play it.

    Off the top of my head..... Apple has not supported Quicktime for several years now on the PC. Many uninstalled it because of the reported security vulnerabilities. IIRC, it had to do with the browser plugin side. Now, with so many different "cameras" including cellphone footage which is notorious for not being recorded in a constant frame rate (video editors work in a "constant frame rate" world), there is going to be sync issues. What some have done is convert the variable frame rate cellphone videos to a constant frame rate using a free converter HANDBRAKE. If I have problematic footage (usually variable frame rate), I convert it using this app.

    As you mentioned, without the "cues" of clapping, getting a perfect sync will require some adjustments. I've done a few multicam videos recorded with Panasonic cameras and never had a sync issue. I'd play the studio recorded version of the music and have the singer lip sync to it as it is played over loudspeakers. So never a sync issue.

    #3 As for your bug with PS crashing.... I hope a Moderator sees it. If they can replicate, they can pass it up the food chain. 

    #4 you can only adjust the MultiCamera track. Each clip can have it's length shortened or lengthened. That's about it. There is no reshuffling the clips. You'd have to create a new MCE.

    But when all else fails, visual sync of waveforms (something that isn't present in VideoStudio Pro unless you enable it, but lose the video icon image). PS will allow you to do frame alignment, but not anything less (1/2 frame, 1/3 frame). Usually, that's more than enough. BTW, it's VideoStudio that has the same MC editor as PS. Big Smile

    I also have a "pro" editor. It does multicam. but most will sync visually or use Red Giant's Plural Eyes which costs $299 as a plugin. 

    Again, nice work! 


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