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st23.2ult--export / file/ ADVANCED/ SMART - lossless rendering?

Last post 06-24-2020, 16:19 by saby. 8 replies.
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  •  06-20-2020, 18:46 801022

    st23.2ult--export / file/ ADVANCED/ SMART - lossless rendering?

    Attachment: input.PNG

    Can someone give some detail on what happens when the SMART  checkbox is clicked ? I see that it yields a value in FORMAT called SMART, and the screen displays some specs of the resultant media file. Does this setting not do destructive rendering of frames that were unchanged  from the original? by destructive , I mean lossy? that is, does SMART do lossless rendering of unchanged frames?

    I looked in the manual and could not find any details on this setting. if it is in there, if someone can point me to it, this also would be helpful. 

    the  input file with the following specs yielded the values in the next attachment 

  •  06-20-2020, 18:55 801023 in reply to 801022

    Re: st23.2ult--export / file/ ADVANCED?

    this the screen from ps23  export / file / SMART screen from the above input
  •  06-21-2020, 3:49 801029 in reply to 801023

    Re: st23.2ult--export / file/ ADVANCED?

    When SMART is selected, all the parts of the timeline that were not modified during editing (= no effect, no correction applied) are directstream copied during export. It means that there is no re-encoding of these parts. Export is very fast.
  •  06-24-2020, 13:28 801142 in reply to 801029

    Re: st23.2ult--export / file/ ADVANCED?

    Attachment: no-smart-option.PNG

    thanks. sounds like what I want . but i just found now that when i went into the project again, I now do not see the SMART checkbox in the ADVANCED section. why? i thought it was perhaps due to some sort  of edit i did on the project, but I do not see the SMART option even on previous versions of the original project that gave  the option before - as cited above. 

    EDIT I just  RESET the PS product to original settings, and still no SMART option displayed in ADVANCED in the project mentioned here. I notice the sky's the limit also did not have this displayed. I wonder if I am not clicking something to reveal the SMART option? 

  •  06-24-2020, 15:07 801144 in reply to 801142

    Re: st23.2ult--export / file/ ADVANCED?


    I notice the sky's the limit also did not have this displayed.

    Normal. The Sky Is The Limit is based on a Mpeg2 footage. SMART is only for H.264.

  •  06-24-2020, 15:37 801146 in reply to 801144

    Re: st23.2ult--export / file/ ADVANCED?

    i have done more tests and found that it was my inclusion of time remapping somewhere in the project - tho just a short time -that caused  SMART not to be shown. I removed time remapping ( actually pulled it out and made into another .mts and  included the latter in the project) and SMART appeared. but i note the following differences ...

    my input is m2ts and after I select SMART, it converts this to MP4.

    another two things I observe that are different from the original file are:

    1) the video bit rate  overall -- 24.4 in hte original file and only 13.5 in the SMART file

    2)  the audio bit rate = 448 in original and only 192 in the SMART file

    why wouldnt the bit rate be the same as the original?

    I chose SMART to  not suffer another generational render loss of the material. despite the (peak) bit rate that PS set this to was 24mpbs for SMART ( as shown in an attached screen shot above), only got 13.5 overall , which suggests a significant image quality loss - no? 

  •  06-24-2020, 15:55 801148 in reply to 801146

    Re: st23.2ult--export / file/ ADVANCED?

    Clearly it has been re-encoded.

    Did export went fast ?

  •  06-24-2020, 16:07 801149 in reply to 801148

    Re: st23.2ult--export / file/ ADVANCED?

    no, it took a long time. - another reason  to conclude it was re-rendered ( and thus suffered generational loss). i did have transitions between clips. I assumed SMART would render these few frames and let everything else copy over.
  •  06-24-2020, 16:19 801150 in reply to 801149

    Re: st23.2ult--export / file/ ADVANCED?

    i did have transitions between clips. I assumed SMART would render these few frames and let everything else copy over.

    Yes, that's how SMART should work.

    But SMART is re-encoding not only the transitions but also a small part of video before and after the transitions.
    If your movie is made with a series of short clips with transitions, the benefit of SMART is null.

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