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Icon Description Dialog

Last post 06-23-2020, 13:29 by saby. 5 replies.
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  •  06-20-2020, 20:51 801025

    Icon Description Dialog

    In versions prior to PS23, when you hovered your mouse over an icon, a description dialog box would pop up displaying the icon name and it's associated use. Why is that missing in PS23, when it's such a critical feature, and something that exists in all Windows applications? Even with this forum post when I hover my mouse over the B it displays "Bold (Ctrl +B)", so unless you're intimately familiar will all the icons, there's no way to tell what any of them are doing. Plus it was existing functionality, so it would have actually been more work to remove it.
  •  06-21-2020, 3:52 801030 in reply to 801025

    Re:Icon Description Dialog

    An option to enable/disable tooltips has been added in PS23 ;


  •  06-21-2020, 4:51 801034 in reply to 801030

    Re: Re:Icon Description Dialog

    This seems to be the second report of missing tooltips. I thought the default "out of the box" was ON?

    tdsteel - if this solves your issue, do you recall changing the setting?

  •  06-21-2020, 11:15 801043 in reply to 801034

    Re: Re:Icon Description Dialog

    I thought it was odd I didn't see a tooltip for something the other day but I don't use it much and didn't pay attention.

    My setting was off, I'm 99% sure I didn't do that.


  •  06-23-2020, 13:14 801114 in reply to 801025

    Re: Icon Description Dialog

    Thank you very much for all the quick responses. I did see the the Tool Tips under Legacy Options, but the way they have it setup is counter intuitive. When it says "ON" it's actually OFF and that's how it's preset on install. Now that I've clicked the button and it displays "OFF" my tool tips are actually ON, which is a huge lifesaver for someone not familiar with PS, because there's no way to lookup an icon in the user manual.
  •  06-23-2020, 13:29 801115 in reply to 801114

    Re: Icon Description Dialog

    Agreed. Should be Enable vs Disable or Enabled vs Disabled.

    In 1st case you display the action the button is doing. In 2nd case you display the current state of the feature. But in all cases it's clearer than ON and OFF.

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