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MultiCam Capture Lite doesn't restart

Last post 06-20-2020, 6:57 by jjn. 1 replies.
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  •  06-18-2020, 10:44 800908

    MultiCam Capture Lite doesn't restart

    On May 31st I reported a problem getting MultiCam Capture Lite to launch (Thread 800220).  Corel Customer Support helped overcome that by advising two driver updates and the installation of DXruntimes (which, by the way, were not causing any problems in using PS23).  So, I was then able to successfully do video captures.

    But, when I shut down the app it won't restart again (Task Master reports it "Suspended" and then it disappears) unless I restart my computer first.  After I restart my computer it will work again, until I shut it down.

    Corel Customer Support says this hasn't been reported before and "could be a system specific issue."  They advise "disabling all Windows background programs and re-enabling them one at a time until conflict program is located."  They also suggest the same for any "antivirus program" (who would take that risk?).  Given that the program will repeatedly function successfully with all those processes ongoing, it seems to me unlikely to be the issue/cause.  It seems more likely that the app's shut down process is leaving the app in some sort of "suspended" state (as Task Master reports when I try to re-start the app after shut down).

     So, has anyone else ever run into this circumstance, or have any insight to help resolve this? 

  •  06-20-2020, 6:57 801003 in reply to 800908

    Re: MultiCam Capture Lite doesn't restart

    Three different systems here and I've never seem the Screen Capture programs fail to exit properly. Not seen it reported here or anywhere else either. I've seen Studio do it hundreds of times though - it's definitly not NGStudio that stays resident? When that happens you can avoid a re-boot by closing the guilty process in the task manager - just right click on it and use "End Task".

    The advice that support has given you is generic but might find the issue. If you disconnect from the internet while you test your virus programs there is no risk - (3rd party AV is often a nusiance and system hog and I just stick with the free one in Windows).

    Having said that, my suspect would be a webcam if you have one attached - I'm still trying to sort one of mine out after the Windows 2020 update.

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