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Previous Studio Installs

Last post 06-15-2020, 14:36 by torgny. 14 replies.
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  •  06-14-2020, 13:49 800717

    Previous Studio Installs



    Im now onto Studio 23 Ultimate but still have other studios on my PC.....20 and 21. 


    If I removed all of these would it affect 23. Im trying to create more space on my hard drive.


    On trying to uninstall 20 as an example using Advanced uninstaller, it warned me that there are shared install files. Ive hopefully attched a screenshot of the message.


    I also have 21 and if I could I would remove this as well.


    Fingers crossed



  •  06-14-2020, 13:57 800718 in reply to 800717

    Re: Previous Studio Installs

    Looking at your screen shot, everything is for PS21, so removing it should not be a problem.

    I've had PSS17-21 on my computer at one time. And like you, to free up gigs of space, removed 17-19 with no issues.

    What I always do is make a backup of the Plugins folder since I have several 3rd party plugins and don't want to go through the hassle of reinstalling them.

    I'll be removing 20 and 21 next.

    I use Revo Uninstaller Pro myself.

  •  06-14-2020, 14:48 800721 in reply to 800718

    Re: Previous Studio Installs

    Many Thanks Tony

     Ive also got 21, so removing them  will be tomorrows job.

    Thanks again


  •  06-14-2020, 14:54 800722 in reply to 800721

    Re: Previous Studio Installs

    Removing one version of Studio wil save between 1.5 and 2 GB on your hard drive.
  •  06-15-2020, 4:28 800742 in reply to 800718

    Re: Previous Studio Installs

    This was one question that I have thought of for some time now, so I am glad to hear that this was answered, as I also have 17 to 21 on my computer as well as 22 and 23.

    However I still have another question about this: What happens when you open up a project in PS23U made by any of the programs 17 to 21? Will they still open up correctly?

  •  06-15-2020, 6:50 800750 in reply to 800742

    Re: Previous Studio Installs

    I have opened previous projects without much fuss.

    As long as you have the files in the same locations, the assets will open up.

    Where you might find some difficulties is if you are using plugins/addons that aren't present in PS23, and with transitions. Since PS23 creates and uses transitions differently, you might have to reapply them.

    Other than that, the past projects should open. 


  •  06-15-2020, 9:36 800753 in reply to 800750

    Re: Previous Studio Installs

    Thank you Tony for that important information and that now makes sence to me. Now I can get back heaps of space.

    Love PS23U, the best ever program.


  •  06-15-2020, 9:43 800754 in reply to 800753

    Re: Previous Studio Installs

    No problem!

    Now, I only keep a few past versions only for test purposes. 

    I remember when a 5 meg hard drive was a ton of space..... 

  •  06-15-2020, 10:17 800755 in reply to 800754

    Re: Previous Studio Installs

    Tony P:
    ...Now, I only keep a few past versions only for test purposes...

    FWIW, I'm doing the same as Tony - on my edit system I've been cleaning it out and keeping just what I feel are the "key" / "most useful" versions. For me those are:

    • Studio 16 Ultimate Collection (16.1, with Win8.1/10 patch) - this acts as the "source" for the old Red Giant FilmMakers Toolkit and Motion Graphics toolkit plugins - with the program + database intact, here the plugins have always migrated smoothly and reliably into later 64-bit versions of Studio without me having to manually copy anything
    • Studio 19 Ultimate 64 bit - Here, Studio 18 and 19 were both pretty stable and performed well - 19 had the addition of project bins, so more like the later versions
    • Studio 23 Ultimate - I didn't keep the versions between 19 and 23 as IMO they were completely superseded by 23 (in terms of performance and stability). But there are still one or two serious unresolved audio bugs in 23, so it might be worth hanging on to 22 a little while longer if you've still got it...
    • Future - I'm pretty likely to upgrade to the next version whenever it comes out and will certainly evaluate it to see if it does "wholly replace" the earlier versions (22/23) - and may then uninstall those older versions.

    One thing to watch out for - uninstalling a newer version while an older version remains installed might break features of that older version (especially installed content); it may become necessary to repair or reinstall the older version to get it working properly again.

    I do also have one legacy version of Studio (Studio 15 Ultimate - kept because in certain cases it's better at DVD authoring than the newer versions...


  •  06-15-2020, 11:23 800758 in reply to 800755

    Re: Previous Studio Installs

    Thanks for the additional info on this Richard.

    Red Giant FilmMakers Toolkit and Motion Graphics toolkit are shown in my PS23U, so I will now start deleate PS17 first and then one after the other up to PS21 and Keep PS22. 

  •  06-15-2020, 13:00 800761 in reply to 800758

    Re: Previous Studio Installs

    If the Red Giant plugins came from your copy of PS17 Ultimate I would suggest that you leave it installed - then if you reinstall later versions in future the "migration" ought to happen automatically without having to copy anything.

    But if you'd prefer to claim back the disk space taken by PS17:

    • Make sure that when you uninstall it, you do not accidentally remove either the "FilmMakers Toolkit" or "Motion Graphics Toolkit"
    • Back up the working Red Giant plugins' folders + their contents from Studio 23's plugins\RTFXv2 folder tree - then you can just restore those to get the plugins working again if you need to reinstall Studio

    The back up/restore method is what Tony (and quite a few others) use...


  •  06-15-2020, 13:18 800762 in reply to 800761

    Re: Previous Studio Installs

    Attachment: Pinnacle 1 aps.jpg

    Thanks again,

    I have now removed PS17 to PS21 and checked PS23U and Red Gigant is still there and seams to work. I mainly only uninstallet the file that had the Pinnacle 17 as an example and nothing else. However I seam to have soem other large fils still there and by selecting them in the uninstall mode I see a number like 5.0, 6 and 7 etc particularly in Premium pac 1-2. So I wounder if these are very old files and can b deleated as well? as per attached pictures.



  •  06-15-2020, 13:20 800763 in reply to 800762

    Re: Previous Studio Installs

    Attachment: Pinnacle 2 aps.jpg

    Sorry do not know how to add several pictures, si I send one more here.


  •  06-15-2020, 14:20 800764 in reply to 800763

    Re: Previous Studio Installs

    Attachment: RG folders.jpg

    The Red Giant stuff should be listed in Windows "Apps and Features" as two installed apps - "Filmmakers Toolkit for Studio" and "Motion Graphics Toolkit for Studio" - keep those installed and make a backup of the plugins' folders in Studio 23 so you can add them back again if you need to reinstall Studio.

    In the attached screen-grab I've put a mark against the folders containing those Red Giant plugins in a Studio 23 installation


  •  06-15-2020, 14:36 800765 in reply to 800764

    Re: Previous Studio Installs

    Thank you very much again for your help Richard.

    I would not have a clue where to find this and I have now made a copy of these files and stored them safely.

    Kind regards


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