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Successful Import from DV via FireWire possible in Pinnacle 22

Last post 06-08-2020, 2:15 by allnutts. 2 replies.
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  •  06-07-2020, 18:58 800427

    Successful Import from DV via FireWire possible in Pinnacle 22

    Having approx. 200 DV tapes from my old Sony Digital 8 Handycam DCR-TRV320, I wanted to archive them before the old camera falls by the wayside and dies a glorious death. I got her in the early 2000's. Yes, 20 years old but it was state of the art back in the day! Of course my 2 year old Dell XPS did not come equipped with a Firewire card due to this technology becoming extinct so I did research in these forums and around the net and came up with a plan. First things first I ordered a "SODIAL Firewire Card,PCIe Firewire 800 Adapter for Windows 10" for $17 CDN. It took over a month to come from China and I was rather hesitant it was not damaged  during shipping as it only came in bubble wrap envelope rather than a box. I inserted the Firewire card into my computer. I downloaded the legacy Firewire driver (a.k.a the 1394 driver) from and followed the simple instructions on the web site. I then hooked up my Handycam cable from my camera to the Firewire port. And finally loaded Pinnacle Studio 22 and voila! Not only did Pinnacle Studio 22 show my Sony Handycam on the import tab but when I pressed "Start Capture" it did what was supposed to do and capture all my video footage from years ago! It could rewind, forward, pause, play all within the program! Yes, iLink still works! This amazed me as I was certain I was not going to be able to do this myself and have to use one of those commercial video transfer places that do 8mm/Super8/16mm Film/VHS/Beta/Video8/Hi8/Digital/miniDV etc. that charge an arm and a leg! The only hitch in all of this is one may have to reinstall the legacy Firewire driver when there is an new update to Windows 10. Its simple enough and won't take a lot of figuring out the second time. 

    Having been a loyal long time member since Studio version 9. I have grown-up to all the Pinnacle Studio products and have enjoyed the journey immensely. Always enjoyed everyone here at the forum and especially the help of everyone and enough thanks cannot be said about the moderators or those that continue to make Pinnacle Studio what it is! Thank-you all that make this a great forum and product!  

  •  06-08-2020, 1:43 800430 in reply to 800427

    Re:Successful Import from DV via FireWire possible in Pinnacle 22

    Thanks for this positive report !


  •  06-08-2020, 2:15 800431 in reply to 800430

    Re: Re:Successful Import from DV via FireWire possible in Pinnacle 22

    Thank-you Saby! Beers for all the moderators who do so much to help us day in and day out!  

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