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Issue with audio in export... Help

Last post 07-17-2020, 13:54 by imaref. 15 replies.
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  •  05-27-2020, 19:06 800110

    Issue with audio in export... Help

    Hey guys, 
    So i'm fairly new to Pinnacle Studio and I've just completed a project in Pinnacle, only to find that when I export the video, the audio track cuts out at 3.15mins into the video and then catches back up nearing the end of the video where the missing track and the current one overlap. I have tried everything I know how to, but can't seem to make it line up. In the preview it works without a hitch... I'm so confused and wanting to have this thing finished. Can you please help. 
    Regards, Jordan111


    Studio 23 Ultimate,

    Ryzen 5 procesor, 8GB Ram, GTX 1050 3GB, Win 10 

  •  05-28-2020, 2:36 800115 in reply to 800110

    Re: Issue with audio in export... Help

    Same problem here. More people have this problem. It must be a bug. The slider for adjusting the soundvolume for a clip also doesn't work. Pinnacle must solve these problems.
  •  05-28-2020, 3:24 800117 in reply to 800115

    Re: Issue with audio in export... Help

    What format are the source video files you guys are using with regard to the audio they contain?
  •  05-28-2020, 9:06 800127 in reply to 800117

    Re: Issue with audio in export... Help

    For me it is a combination of .JPG's, .MP4's and .MP3's for background music. The problem is in the .MP3's which suddenly stop playing after exporting. This happenes after about 3 minutes. In Edit mode there is no problem, only after exporting. I'm exporting to H.264 MP4.
  •  05-28-2020, 9:34 800128 in reply to 800127

    Re: Issue with audio in export... Help

    To help reproduce this, could you look at the sample rate of the MP3 files?
  •  05-28-2020, 9:56 800129 in reply to 800128

    Re: Issue with audio in export... Help

    An example is this .MP3 file:

    Bitrate is 192kbps

    In my movie the music stops at about 2:50 exactly at the beginning of a new .JPG or .MP4 clip (not in Edit mode but after exporting to H.264 MP4).

  •  05-28-2020, 10:05 800131 in reply to 800129

    Re: Issue with audio in export... Help

    This bug has been escalated to Corel. They even have been provided a project package to analyze the root of the issue :

  •  05-29-2020, 9:09 800178 in reply to 800131

    Re: Issue with audio in export... Help

    Thank you. And about the other problem:can somebody confirm that this slider to adjust sound is not working?

     [click to view image] 

  •  05-29-2020, 9:47 800179 in reply to 800178

    Re: Issue with audio in export... Help

    It's working on my system.
  •  05-29-2020, 12:01 800187 in reply to 800179

    Re: Issue with audio in export... Help

    Then it is not a regular problem I think. Thanks for checking.
  •  06-10-2020, 12:26 800567 in reply to 800117

    Re: Issue with audio in export... Help

    In my case the Audio drop is on an audio track with a Wav file below the video track which also has audio. The Video is from my Panasonic G7 - format 16:9 - Mp4 - 1920 x 1080 60p.

    I converted the wav file to mp3 and the same thing happened.

    Exporting using H264/AVC - HD1080. The audio drop  is at a point where I added keyframes on the volume line to mute a section of the audio on the video track. 

    Curiously, if I export at low res - like "Very Small"  there is no audio drop. -

  •  06-14-2020, 17:21 800727 in reply to 800567

    Re: Issue with audio in export... Help

    This is a real problem. I just wiped my main laptop, clean installed Windows 10 and reinstalled all software, including Studio 23 Ultimate.

    In Studio 23 I exported a :35 minute test video of just repeating video clips ("The Sky is the Limit" repeated over and over) and filled the entire video soundtrack with random .wma file songs. At about 14:36 the song drops out completely for about :30 seconds and when it comes back on, it is playing slightly faster (i.e. sped up). For the rest of the video, the songs drop out (many times for a lot longer then :30), come back in, drop out again--it's a MESS. The audio on the main video track does not seem to be affected.

    I uploaded the exported file to Filemail in case anybody wants to download it to test it out. Send me a message if you want the link (link will only be available for a week).

  •  06-28-2020, 4:52 801237 in reply to 800727

    Re: Issue with audio in export... Help

    I agree with imaref, it's a big problem. When will there be a software update? Now I cannot finish any project due to this bug.
  •  06-29-2020, 18:05 801266 in reply to 800110

    Re: Issue with audio in export... Help

    I found this on a different thread:



    But I have found a workaround, inspired by the comments above that the dropout seems to occur a certain amount of time into the audio clip, at the nearest video point.

    I identified which clip the dropout was occurring at, then at the start of the previous video clip, I put a split into the audio clip.  It doesn't affect what you hear at all - the audio clip stops and then re-starts as a new clip at the point where it left off. Because it's now a "new" audio clip it plays through, at least until it reaches the magic time point again.


    I tried this, and it now plays the entire song in the edit mode AND when I exported it as a mp4.

  •  07-02-2020, 0:00 801309 in reply to 801266

    Re: Issue with audio in export... Help

    I created a support ticket today about the audio issues with rendered files. They had me send their engineers the original raw video file, the rendered file (with audio problems), and the movie package.

    Point is, it seems like they are trying hard to nail down the problem and get it fixed. Fingers crossed as Studio 23 Ultimate is unusable right now (at least for those of us having the rendered file audio problem).

  •  07-17-2020, 13:54 801791 in reply to 801309

    Re: Issue with audio in export... Help

    Just got an email from Corel that this issue has been temporarily fixed. Use the link below for the fix:


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