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3d title editor

Last post 05-27-2020, 7:00 by Tony P. 21 replies.
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  •  05-19-2020, 14:41 799671

    3d title editor

    When I try to open 3d title editor it says "3d title editor is running. Close to continue editing." It does this whether I drag a 3d title to the timeline or just hit the tab to open the editor. When I drag a title down, it will stay on the timeline but can't be edited.
  •  05-19-2020, 16:07 799678 in reply to 799671

    Re: 3d title editor

    And the version of PS that you are using?
  •  05-19-2020, 16:07 799679 in reply to 799671

    Re: 3d title editor

    With the newest patch installed, the 3D title editor does NOT appear when clicking the T3D icon. 

     Also, when I attempt to edit a 3D Title from a previous project, I am getting the following error:


    "Failure: Can not open the player; Reason: received null ITitler."

  •  05-19-2020, 16:13 799681 in reply to 799671

    Re: 3d title editor

    I am having the same problem with my win7 machine since the second to last patch a few weeks ago. I am hesitant to uninstall and reinstall PS23 as I am not sure if it will fix the problem.
  •  05-20-2020, 8:37 799713 in reply to 799681

    Re: 3d title editor

    Today, I uninstalled PS23 and reinstalled it.

    It took several (what seemed to be long) moments for the 3D Title editor to appear after being selected from the editor toolbar.

    When the editor loaded, everything was working as it should. It's that it took what seemed long (maybe about 13 seconds) for it to open. 

    Pinnacle is installed on a SSD, so I can only imagine what it might be with a mechanical drive. 

    But all is well so far with it on my Win10 computer. I can not speak about Win7 machines... sorry!

    Open TaskManager and see if it loads in NGStudio. Make sure you click to show all the processes running. I clicked on it and watched. After several moments, 3D appeared but did nothing. Then it started to access the CPU and the Editor displayed.

    After that, each successive use, it opened almost immediately.

  •  05-20-2020, 11:50 799721 in reply to 799678

    Re: 3d title editor



  •  05-20-2020, 12:59 799726 in reply to 799678

    Re: 3d title editor

    PS 23 Win 8


  •  05-20-2020, 14:24 799730 in reply to 799726

    Re: 3d title editor

    I can't speak to Win8 only Win10, and it's working as it should.

    You can try Setup>Control Panel>Reset, or how to reset PS HERE.

  •  05-20-2020, 22:50 799745 in reply to 799730

    Re: 3d title editor

    The RESET button solved the problem.  If only LIFE had such a feature.

    Late last year, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission updated their COPPA regulations that included a threat of massive fines for any video on You-Tube that the FTC considers improperly categorized.  That threat has sidelined my music video hobby, probably for forever.  Under the circumstances,it looks like Studio 23 Ultimate will be the last version I'll have a need for.  


  •  05-21-2020, 4:35 799747 in reply to 799745

    Re: 3d title editor

    OT.... what is "improperly categorized"? While all my videos are kid friendly, it seems check marking that results in some hoops to jump through. So, I don't check mark it. I am sure the FTC has more specific guidelines.... especially since I see all types of videos out there.

    There are lots of music videos out there.

  •  05-21-2020, 6:18 799750 in reply to 799747

    Re: 3d title editor

    You-Tube got caught breaking existing COPPA regulations that forbid websites from 'tracking' children under 14 years of age and using this tracking information to enable willing advertisers to target ads at them.  On top of the $137 million dollar fine that You-Tube paid, Y-T's un-bright legal team agreed that it would be OK for the FTC to fine individual content creators $42,00.00 for any video that they considered aimed at a kid's audience that the content creator had indicated otherwise.  The key difference: kid's content cannot be monetized, comments aren't permitted & End-screens are banned.  The fuzzy regulations made direct reference to videos that contained music and / or animation, especially using familiar animated characters such as those from the Shrek or Toy Story movies.  When I read that, I flew 'off the handle' as my most recent upload had finally received permission to post from their record label - - AC/DC "Who Made Who" featuring, via green screen, Buzz LightYear & some other alien creature, also via Green screen.  I have yet to calm down since that day in December, 2019.  I doubt I have ever been this angry in my entire 72 years on this planet.
  •  05-21-2020, 6:31 799751 in reply to 799750

    Re: 3d title editor

    I don't monetize anything with Youtube. I've had a few copyright claims when I've used Smartsound music, so file a complaint on that.

    While all my videos are "children" friendly, when I saw that no comments could be left, I unchecked that box. 

    Sorry to hear all the work you put into the video was for naught....  is this only on youtube? What about Vimeo?

  •  05-21-2020, 7:20 799752 in reply to 799751

    Re: 3d title editor

    My You-Tube channel is also non-Monetized and I've seen some indications that COPPA regulations somehow don't apply to non-Monetized channels, but I've yet to confirm that.  A few years ago, You-Tube stopped including non-Monetized videos in their recommendations & stopped including non-Monetized videos in any search results.  That has limited views to those resulting from links I post on other web locations, such as this community message board and others I frequent.  (I stopped posting links here, as I didn't want to clog that section with my weekly video.) While my hobby was never about preening my ego & never about going viral or getting 'discovered', having my little pieces of art intentionally ignored by You-Tube's programmed robots riles my sense of fairness.

     I do believe Vimeo to be a different story, as there are no ads but a much smaller user base.  I have an account with Vimeo but my creative urges have been nearly snuffed to NIL by You-Tube's shameful & cowardly act of throwing content creators under the bus and by the FTC's unfair, heavy-handed approach that is clearly out to lunch and out of touch.

    When I first got hooked on You-Tube, I was shocked at what was passing for music videos as most uploads were just a single picture of an album cover throughout the entire video & I knew I could do better.  But I've been in a state of mind numbing anger for the past 5 months because my art work was under serious threats from the most powerful government  on this planet.  Without clear & concise regulations to follow,  COPPA is a loaded gun & I'm not stupid enough to play Russian roulette with a bunch of right-wing witch hunters.   While I'm physically quite healthy & virus free so far, I am suffering from a serious case of the 'Why Bother' blues.   I declare defeat.  The a**h*l*s have won.

  •  05-21-2020, 11:05 799758 in reply to 799752

    Re: 3d title editor

    I live in Poland, so don't have to worry about the FTC and other draconian government organizations in the States.... just the EU nonsense that happens here.

    The user base in Vimeo is smaller, but I wouldn't let Youtube stop me from doing what I enjoy. And since you don't do it for the money or "fame", then to Vimeo I would go. 

    There is a section on this forum where you can post your creations. As far as I know, as long as it was done in PS, there is no limit. If you are productive enough to crank out a video a week... wow.... then post away!

    I haven't used Vimeo in a long time, so do not know the upload limits, but it is something to consider.... 


  •  05-21-2020, 13:09 799761 in reply to 799730

    Re: 3d title editor

    I tried the reset to no avail. I click on 3d title editor and PS says, "3d title editor running. Please close to continue editing." Any ideas where it might be running, or how I can force-close it? 
  •  05-21-2020, 13:28 799765 in reply to 799761

    Re: 3d title editor

    You have to give 3D title time to "load up". It takes a few long moments, depending on your computer hardware.

     As I wrote in several posts above, on my computer, it takes 13 or so seconds for the 3D Editor to appear.

  •  05-21-2020, 14:07 799767 in reply to 799765

    Re: 3d title editor

    Tony P:

    You have to give 3D title time to "load up". It takes a few long moments, depending on your computer hardware.

     As I wrote in several posts above, on my computer, it takes 13 or so seconds for the 3D Editor to appear.

    I've done everything but uninstall and reinstall and the program will not start up. I have waited as much as 15 minutes with no joy. 

  •  05-21-2020, 17:55 799776 in reply to 799767

    Re: 3d title editor

    15 minutes is way to long. Did you also delete the folder in appdata when you uninstalled? Registry clean too?.

    I use Revo Pro Uninstaller. But they have a FREE version. It will hunt for registry and folders left over. 

    Even then, I use Ccleaner to clean the registry again.


  •  05-22-2020, 15:27 799834 in reply to 799776

    Re: 3d title editor

    Still no joy!  I deleted PS23 from the Control Panel and used Ccleaner to clean the registry. I also deleted the complete PS23 Folder from App Data.  Restarted the Computer and installed 3DTitleEditor from the PS21 Download Folder to see if 3DTitleEditor would work in PS21 with no joy either. Installed PS23U, no joy with 3DTitler. Since my PS23U is an upgrade from PS22, my second to last option is to uninstall both PS22 and PS23. My very last option is to use my December 2019 Clone drive and overwrite Drive C. If that works I'll know not to install the updates.

    Not sure if Revo would make a huge difference. 

  •  05-22-2020, 16:26 799838 in reply to 799834

    Re: 3d title editor

    You never know and have nothing to lose. Make sure if you choose Advanced to have your serial number ready....

    I've used Revo and then Ccleaner. 


  •  05-27-2020, 0:17 800053 in reply to 799838

    Re: 3d title editor

    First, I apologize for my scolding angry rant early on in this thread.  Second, thank you to the site caretakers for not chastising me.  Thusly, I shall not tempt fate with any further drama-laden outbursts, at least for this pandemic & I promise that this message will eventually get back on topic.  But while I'm still off topic, let's just say for the record that ever since puberty, my alter-ego and I have been at odds about almost everything. I'm forever having to apologize for outbursts like that one & other more costly stunts, usually orchestrated when I'm not paying attention to what my fingers are doing.

    Back on topic, I've had trouble installing ALL updates of the 3D text editor on my PC ever since it was first bundled with the Ultimate editions. A message on this help site led me to \Users\me\appdata\local\downloaded installations folder that contained an.msi installer file that was unable to execute when the updater module made the original attempt.  The only way I could run the msi file was to copy it to any other folder.  Until recently, I had no explanation for this weird behavior & I still don't have anything except for an off-the-wall suspicion that the problem may be related to anomalies in Windows 8.1.

    When I bought this machine four years ago, it came with Windows 8.1 installed and I hated it enough to immediately install an early release of Windows 10.  While burning a DVD with Imgburn recently, I was horrified to see it list the following in the pre-burn status window:

      Microsoft Windows 8 Core X64 Edition (6.2 Build 9200)

    Could this possibly be an issue and will I need an exorcist ? 

  •  05-27-2020, 7:00 800064 in reply to 800053

    Re: 3d title editor

    For "me", no apology necessary. I've had a few in my day. Now, if I want to rant, I write and wait a day before sending. We all know how text sometimes does not truly convey what we are trying to say.

    I personally can not comment on Win8 having "leftovers" with Win10. I've always chosen to do clean installs when upgrading an OS. New drive, new OS. Then slowly migrate over my "stuff" to the new drive since you can choose which drive you want to boot off of when you first start your computer. For my, pressing F12.

    Since you have problems with PS, and while Pinnacle recommends Win10, it says it supports Win8 and Win7. Since you have nothing to lose, why not try using Revo (scroll down the page to download) and then Ccleaner (for additional registry clean) to remove the software? Both are free.

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