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Crashing Problems

Last post 06-04-2020, 4:32 by Hedley. 14 replies.
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  •  03-11-2020, 21:40 796272

    Crashing Problems

    My pinnacle studio 23 ultimate crashes after editing pan and zoom or time remapping and doing a playback (video only). It takes a minute to render sometimes if it doesn't crash and sometimes after an edit it will do an indefinite render of the change.  What is causing this???? Need help and support doesn't help at all. 

  •  03-12-2020, 9:41 796281 in reply to 796272

    Re: Crashing Problems

    Suggestion. How about completing your user profile with your computer system specs and OS version? Look at mine below as a template.

    What is the source video you are doing this with and could you provide a sample to the cloud to be downloaded and tested. What created this file?

    Then a step by step reproduction that can be duplicated.

  •  04-27-2020, 11:12 798341 in reply to 796281

    Re: Crashing Problems

    I also have this problem with my Pinnacle Studio 23 basic, specifically Time Remapping.  I started in February with some short clips to learn and used Time Remapping successfully.  Now on playback in the timeline the video freezes but the soundtrack continues until the end and the programme closes.  I restart and remove all Time Remapping edits and the timeline playback runs smoothly.  I also find the programme prone to shutting down when I click on Close Movie in File.  Any ideas?
  •  04-27-2020, 14:05 798348 in reply to 798341

    Re: Crashing Problems

    Did you allow the time remapped clip to render completely? 
  •  04-28-2020, 7:24 798372 in reply to 798348

    Re: Crashing Problems

    At first I did wonder whether I was being too quick to playback but then waited for the render bar to complete its work without success.  I then deleted the entire section that was giving the problem, re-imported the clip and started again but without any improvement.
  •  04-28-2020, 8:23 798374 in reply to 798372

    Re: Crashing Problems

    Load the sample project.

    ?>Load Sample Movie

    Try doing a time remap of one of the video clips. Success? Fail?

  •  04-29-2020, 6:11 798414 in reply to 798374

    Re: Crashing Problems

    Thank you for your reply.  As I'm new to Pinnacle (previously Windows Movie Maker)  & I'm not totally sure if I'm doing everything correctly so here is the sequence.

    Loaded sample film 'The Sky is the Limit' to the timeline.  Highlighted the last clip as it is long.  Opened Time Remapping.  Set scrubber to start of the clip.  Clicked on Anchor Frame - First Frame.  Set a sequence of keyframes starting at 100%, then 55%, 15%, 350% leaving a decent gap between each change.  

    Sometimes it plays back and other time it freezes at no particularly point and then the programme closes down. I have tried playback in both Editor and Library to see if that made any difference, it didn't.

  •  04-29-2020, 8:03 798420 in reply to 798414

    Re: Crashing Problems

    Attachment: PS23 Time Remap.jpg

    I used the last clip and separated so it's by itself on the timeline.

    I've used Time Remapping as you posted and each time, it plays back fine on the timeline no matter how many times I move the clip, it renders, and I hit play.

    You can try and reset PS23. Setup>Control Panel>Reset. It will restore to "day 1" installation. You will lose what settings you have in Control Panel, but none of your projects, etc...

    Also you do not have much room on your C: drive if that is where you are having everything go to. 



  •  04-30-2020, 6:27 798499 in reply to 798420

    Re: Crashing Problems

    I have already tried Reset.  However I have repeated the process but separated the clip, which I hadn't done before.  It plays back fine!  I have taken my own clip which I have been having problems with, reset the time remapping and it also works fine!  I am mystified as to what I have been doing wrong, if anything.   I received an update yesterday, perhaps that reset something?

    Can you advise re the red/brown area which is created after a time

    remap?  I have been trimming it out to delete.  Is that correct?

    Re my C: drive.   I regret downloading the programme onto this drive as clearly it was pretty full.  I have an internal 914 GB F: drive which is 84% free and if I knew how I would move everything to that drive.  I also have a LaCie 465 GB external drive which I planned to use for editing as I understood that editing makes big demands on the PC's resources and an external drive would help. However Studio Backlot's training video appears to warn against using external HD.  

    Many thanks for your help. 

  •  04-30-2020, 6:49 798502 in reply to 798499

    Re: Crashing Problems

    The Update is working with Time Remap ok.... problem with the cursor during playback in the Editor though...

    As for your C: drive.... move all your photos, downloads, music, documents, etc to the other drives. I did and I have a 1TB NVME C: drive.

    PS like some other programs is really designed to work on the C: drive. You can have all your assets on other drives, along with all your Storage Locations. 

  •  05-22-2020, 7:30 799796 in reply to 798502

    Re: Crashing Problems

    Can you please advise me on how to move all the files you mention? 

    I 'cut & paste' all the contents of the various folders which are shown in the Pinnacle Import, Save To list from the C: drive to the F: drive creating new folders with the same names.  The result was I lost all the projects so I swiftly reversed all my actions and got back the projects.  

    I'm not a computer expert so how do I do this procedure to free up space on my C: drive?  Thanks.

  •  05-22-2020, 10:35 799809 in reply to 799796

    Re: Crashing Problems

    Attachment: PS23 Re-link.jpg

    You can "re-link" everything once you move the assets to another hard drive. I've had to do this a few times when moving, consolidating, etc. my assets to make room.

    Load your project. It will ask do you want to relink, of course! Go to the new folder location, click on that asset, and all the rest will relink by themselves for that particular folder.

    You might have to do this for each newly located folder.

    Also, if you move your mouse pointer to Library Media (see screenshot below), you might see "Missing Media". You can re-link to where all your assets are now stored.


  •  06-03-2020, 7:22 800270 in reply to 799809

    Re: Crashing Problems

    Thank you Tony for your help.  I was able to highlight all my studio projects and "re-link" successfully and amended all the future destinations to my F: drive. 

    I then copied the Videos folder from my C: to F: drive.  To free up space on the C: drive I then deleted the contents of the Videos folder, where my Captures are, which caused a loss of content. 

    Should I re-import all the files in the C: Videos using Pinnacle Import and save to the F: drive?

  •  06-03-2020, 7:51 800271 in reply to 800270

    Re: Crashing Problems

    Attachment: PS23 Project Bin.jpg

    I personally have never used the Import feature in Pinnacle.

    I create a folder(s) on my E: drive (where I store most of my assets) for the assets I am going to use in a project. Then, within Pinnacle, I create Bins and use "Quick Import". Everything is linked for the video work I am doing.

    Click on the Bin (1) and create a new Project Bin (2). Give it a name, and then click OK. Then use the Quick Import (3) to bring in all you assets.You can import from different folders on any drive(s). You are not restricted to only one drive or folder location for importing.

    Once your assets are in the Project Bin you created (and they can be a mix of stills, music, video, etc), you can choose what you want to only "see" (4) to work on. You can hide the different assets from view to remove the clutter and say you only want to see your images and not everything, or you can see all assets at once.



  •  06-04-2020, 4:32 800288 in reply to 800271

    Re: Crashing Problems

    Thanks again Tony for your help, much appreciated.
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