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Automatic Scroll Lock

Last post 01-31-2020, 6:25 by Craftman. 9 replies.
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  •  01-28-2020, 5:05 794579

    Automatic Scroll Lock

    I was having trouble dragging sound clips from the bin to the timeline. I'm using a laptop and dragging and dropping is a pain as the timeline view keeps scrolling up and down when I want to paste resulting in miss placed drops.

    I can get round this by using the transfer to timeline feature but  the clip has to be in your project bin first. If you are in scenes view of the bin then I have a problem doing a transfer to timeline as the individual clip has to be in your main bin and not in scenes view ?

    Another work around would be to stop/lock up and down scrolls on the timeline


    New Ps23 User here - the program is amazing !!!

  •  01-28-2020, 14:54 794603 in reply to 794579

    Re:Automatic Scroll Lock


    I was having trouble dragging sound clips from the bin to the timeline. I'm using a laptop and dragging and dropping is a pain as the timeline view keeps scrolling up and down when I want to paste resulting in miss placed drops.

    Could you take a screengrab of this "timeline scrolling up and down" and provide a link so we can have look at it ?

  •  01-29-2020, 4:25 794623 in reply to 794603

    Re: Re:Automatic Scroll Lock

    It could be me just making errors dragging and dropping like not having the correct track highlighted.


    I was using a Lenovo Laptop with  mousepad. The mouse pad has no separate buttons for switches or  scrolling so the issue could also be with the mousepad settings.  I clicked on a clip I wanted to use then dragged it down to the timeline where I wanted to drop it. The green dotted line lit up indicating it was ok to drop the clip there, then the window started to scroll up. I tried to move the mouse up to get back  to where I wanted to drop the clip and  the window started scrolling down - I needed sharp shooting skills at this point to actually drop on the right track as the timeline window was up and down and all other the place once I missed my track and selected dropping point.


    This happened a few times. So I decided not to use drag and drop but right click on the click and use transfer to timeline instead. It makes for more precise dropping anyway.

    Sometimes you just want to drop in an approximate location and shift the clip manually once it's on the track.


    I'll play around with it a while and see if it was just a user error ( my mistake ) or if it is something that needs looking at.

    I'll do a screen capture and upload it if I think it's a software issue - How's that.








  •  01-29-2020, 12:45 794636 in reply to 794623

    Re: Re:Automatic Scroll Lock

    Ok, I understand.
  •  01-30-2020, 6:55 794659 in reply to 794579

    Re: Automatic Scroll Lock

    Duh - It turned out to be the Lenovo Touchpad Settings being too sensitive. I decreased the sensitivuty and lowered the scrolling rate and disabled a few other intelligent options that the touchpad uses.


    I've always done my editing on a Desktop PC but in this instance I downloaded the Trial to a laptop. The Laptop surprisingly performed well with the Software so I installed the full version of PS 23 Ultimate on the Laptop. Sitting in front of the fire ( with headphones on so as not to irritate other family members ) made for comfy editing.  

    I suppose the PC computer market is changing and I suspect many users will install to laptop rather than desktop PC as it's more convenient to use. So in some ways making the designers aware that Desktops PC's aren't the only market anymore and to take advantage of touchscreen computers,etc. I've yet to try using the touchscreen on this laptop to see what I can really do with it while editing.



  •  01-30-2020, 12:29 794670 in reply to 794659

    Re: Automatic Scroll Lock

    Thanks for reporting back.
  •  01-31-2020, 4:23 794690 in reply to 794670

    Re: Automatic Scroll Lock



    Changing the sensitivity of the Touchpad improved some of the problems I was  experiencing but not all of them.


    I did my test on a new project with just 4 Tracks as default. It was ok with that. 

    Then I went back to working on a project with at least 12 tracks - lots of Audio layers for special effects, etc. The problem re-appeared. From what I can work out so far is that Touchpads will automatically scroll when the mouse is near the top and bottom edge of a window.( When dragging  icons or highlighting text in a document )  If that window is small then the operational zone of the scrolling is easily triggered causing lots of vertical scrolling - either up or down depending on which edge of the timeline window the mouse is near.



    The first thing you do when dragging and dropping is move the mouse to the Timeline Window. That in itself will trigger a small scroll because you move the mouse cursor to the top edge of the Timeline Window  top scrolling area. Try it out - create a project  on a laptop  with 12 or more tracks ( small track size ) .

    Select the middle track. Drag the clip slowly from the clip bin towards the timeline and if you are slow enough you will immediatly cause a scroll as you enter the timeline window. This happens because you have entered the top scrolling area  of that window. The problem is made worse by the size of the timeline window - if you adjust this then it becomes pretty hard to use as you are working in an area with scroll triggers just above and below your selected track resulting in the need of some rather fast sharp shooting skills to drop on the track you want. The problem is made worse if the mouse speed is too fast - once you've started to scroll you try and compensate by going the other way  - the problem here is that you hit the opposite scrolling trigger almost immediately.


    The speed of the vertical scrolling seems to be in proportion to the number of tracks one has on the timeline.


    My call for a vertical Scroll Lock may well have been a good call ?




  •  01-31-2020, 5:43 794693 in reply to 794690

    Re: Automatic Scroll Lock


    I can't reproduce on both of my 2 laptops. Each time I keep a perfect and easy control of where I want to drop the clip from the bin to a track on the timeline.

    IIRC, what you are experiencing has already been escalated by other users but I guess we can count them (including you) on half of a single hand. I doubt Corel is going to take your suggestion into account and spend developpement time and money just to adress an issue concerning so few users.

  •  01-31-2020, 5:46 794694 in reply to 794693

    Re: Automatic Scroll Lock

    I may add in the equation that your cases might be hardware dependant.
  •  01-31-2020, 6:25 794695 in reply to 794694

    Re: Automatic Scroll Lock

    OK - I did an on-line check for reported problems with Lenovo Touchpads using various applications which came back positive.

    It appears they can be over sensitive. There are ways around this suggested on various sites including Microsoft community and Lenovo's own site.

    In the meantime it's not so much a problem now I am aware of it - I can increase the size of the timeline window + slow down mouse speed.




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