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Low light/Dark shooting

Last post 01-15-2020, 6:10 by Tony P. 8 replies.
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  •  01-14-2020, 6:41 793860

    Low light/Dark shooting

    Hi all, 

    im filming with a Sony AX53 but find at night (indoors with only indoor lightening) the footage has some (I guess ) chromatic noise and footage looks 'grainy' and for a 4k camera its more than disappointing. 

    Do others find this an issue with your own equipment and how do you overcome it?

    Had the idea that it might be better to shoot 'night' scenes in daylight then use LUT or other colour grading to then make it appear at night - do you guys do this or have Studio process to remove?

    Im using PS23 Ult.



  •  01-14-2020, 6:48 793861 in reply to 793860

    Re: Low light/Dark shooting

    Low light performance on small sensor cameras is not good. That's a fact of life with using small sensor cameras whether camcorders or cameras. While you can get rid of some of the "noise"  by  using something like NeatVideo, it's better to do as you mentioned in using a LUT to simulate night time.


  •  01-14-2020, 8:47 793871 in reply to 793861

    Re: Low light/Dark shooting

    Thanks Tony. 

     Im sure I read on Reddit someone who worked on Knifes Out and they filmed the scenes in daylight then darkened in post production. Only giveaways mentioned were shadows.  

  •  01-14-2020, 10:42 793883 in reply to 793871

    Re: Low light/Dark shooting

    If you google, you can find many free LUT's to do what you want. Here is a LINK to one of them.
  •  01-14-2020, 11:06 793884 in reply to 793883

    Re: Low light/Dark shooting



    Thanks again Tony 

  •  01-14-2020, 12:42 793902 in reply to 793884

    Re: Low light/Dark shooting

    Just experiment with light and see what gives the best results, and have fun!!
  •  01-14-2020, 12:51 793904 in reply to 793902

    Re: Low light/Dark shooting

    How about trying the Night moonlight LUT delivered with PS23 ?
  •  01-15-2020, 3:27 793932 in reply to 793904

    Re: Low light/Dark shooting

    Yeah, I noticed the moonlight LUT but wasn't sure if as a concept this was 'the done thing' for night shooting. 


    To be honest, i'm trying to shoot a short film and one scene is indoors at night (no lights on) but the quality is poor. I'll try out the daylight/illuminated shooting and colour grading it Yes 

  •  01-15-2020, 6:10 793943 in reply to 793932

    Re: Low light/Dark shooting

    PS23 Ultimate has a ton of color correcting/grading tools. Do not be afraid to experiment. Editing is not destructive. You do not destroy the original files. You can always Undo the last thing you did.

    I would shoot during the day when things are well lit without lights if possible. then tray different LUT's to see which ones give you the results you are looking for. Then adjust if necessary with the Color tools. You have Editor>Color and also Effect>Color with more options. Then there are the plugins from NewBlue FX.

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