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best video option pinnacle studio 12.1

Last post 01-14-2020, 16:37 by anon125. 4 replies.
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  •  01-13-2020, 12:21 793825

    best video option pinnacle studio 12.1

    Attachment: pinnacle options.jpg

    see attached.

    which gives the clearest movie?

    will be shown on a 22inch monitor


    thanks all

  •  01-14-2020, 6:03 793854 in reply to 793825

    Re: best video option pinnacle studio 12.1

    What format and frame size is your source video?

    Theoretically, the best result ought to be to export in exactly the same size/format as the source material, so any parts where there are no edits don't need to be re-compressed. But on a fairly small monitor you may not notice much difference...

    If the source material is standard-definition DV (e.g. from a MiniDV camcorder), then choosing "AVI" and the preset "Full screen (DV)" ought to give the best result. But file size will be quite large (~13GB per hour). For smaller file size, but still IMO good picture quality, try MPEG-2 with the preset "DVD Compatible". Other export formats have their niches (for compatibility with particular devices or to get smaller file sizes for uploading, but if you're just going to play the finished video on a PC, probably not worth using them as exporting may be slower...

    Another thing that might affect video quality is the setting for "video and audio preferences" - if your source footage is DV, and Studio did not automatically set the background rendering codec as DV, set it manually (that setting also applies to stuff that needs rendering during the export, even if background rendering is OFF). I have observed occasions with DV source matertfial and the background rendering codec set as MPEG-2; there can be little glitches at the boundaries between original footage with no effects/transitions (so doesn't need any rendering) and stuff with effects/transitions/overlays (and is background-rendered, or rendered diring the export)


  •  01-14-2020, 14:53 793907 in reply to 793854

    Re: best video option pinnacle studio 12.1

    Thanks for your reply.

    input will be MP4 videos for one

    and all images from my files for the other.

    everything 1080 x 1920.

  •  01-14-2020, 16:06 793908 in reply to 793907

    Re: best video option pinnacle studio 12.1

    input will be MP4 videos for one

    everything 1080 x 1920.

    That rules out AVI as the codecs Studio 12 supports in an AVI wrapper are only good for standard definition. Might also rule out DivX, MPEG-4 and Windows Media as the maximum frame size offered by the presets is 120x720 (haven't tried custom settings to see whether full-HD 1920x1080 would be accepted... To get an export at full-HD you are probably stuck with MPEG-2 (use the preset "HD 1080i"). I observe that Studio 12 doesn't explicitly give control over whether the exported video is interlaced or progressive; an interlaced export from progressive source material might look a little odd...

    If you need a smaller file size, or .MP4 files, cou could try converting the MPEG-2 file exported by Studio using HandBrake

    From experience, exporting as MPEG-2 1920x1080 using the preset "HD 1080i" worked OK here; before I upgraded from Studio 12 to 14 I had to convert AVCHD files from a full-HD camcorder to MPEG-2 to be able to edit with them (Studio 12 could read the .MTS files from that AVCHD camcorder (and MP4 files having video encoded using H.264) but on the PC I had at the time editing performance was dreadful (due to lack of CPU horsepower - needs at least a fast quad-core processor).

  •  01-14-2020, 16:37 793911 in reply to 793908

    Re: best video option pinnacle studio 12.1

    Thanks Richard
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