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PS23U - Audio & Video Sync

Last post 01-12-2020, 16:31 by Tony P. 17 replies.
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  •  01-09-2020, 7:43 793538

    PS23U - Audio & Video Sync

    I am having audio and video sync problem in imported VHS file.

    I assumed the problem was a lack of file frame rate uniformity.

    In the timeline, I separated the audio from the video and adjusted all the audio with the lip movement of the images.

    I exported the edited file and the result was as bad as it was before adjusting, with the lip movement of the image coming in before the audio.

    Anyone have any idea if I can fix this?


  •  01-09-2020, 8:04 793540 in reply to 793538

    Re: PS23U - Audio & Video Sync


    I recently migrated from W7 to W10. With W7 I never had this kind of problem.

    The hardware is exactly the same and is CPU and memory free.

  •  01-09-2020, 8:06 793541 in reply to 793540

    Re: PS23U - Audio & Video Sync

    I have also observed that every time I stop the cursor on the timeline, it changes a bit of frame position.

    Has anyone ever experienced this?

  •  01-09-2020, 8:27 793543 in reply to 793541

    Re: PS23U - Audio & Video Sync

    I'll start in reverse. No, I have not had the cursor change whenever I stop it on the timeline.

    As for VHS tapes, when I first started editing with the Amiga/Toaster using SVHS, I used TBC's (time base correction) to keep the framerate stable. Tapes have a tendency to "drift". TBC's kept them locked. 


  •  01-09-2020, 8:42 793545 in reply to 793543

    Re: PS23U - Audio & Video Sync


    But why does sync run away again even after it's fixed in editing? I'm on tape number 11 with W10, and in the first 10 I had never had it with W7.

    I had to install PS23U again. I've seen all the possible settings and I have nothing to suspect.

  •  01-09-2020, 8:48 793546 in reply to 793545

    Re: PS23U - Audio & Video Sync

    Try one of the previous tapes that worked.

    Also, how are you getting the tapes into you computer?

  •  01-09-2020, 9:08 793548 in reply to 793546

    Re: PS23U - Audio & Video Sync

    Hi Tony,

    I scan them into a USB flash drive with the International KDV-8000 and then transfer the file to the desktop. 
    The result is very good and clean, but when I play on the computer and especially on the PS23U, I notice that the image flickers a little.

    Then I convert the file to AVI in the Any Video Converter program to create a new file within the defaults. It looks great and the edits are always good.
    I still don't know if I had an exceptional problem with this tape or if it could be something else on the PS23U with W10. That's why I opened the question.
  •  01-09-2020, 10:46 793552 in reply to 793548

    Re: PS23U - Audio & Video Sync

    I haven't worked with tape in years, so can't comment on using PS23. Maybe someone else can. But when you convert, is the video converted to a constant frame rate? Usually, OOS issues occur with there is a variable framerate video.

    Maybe.... convert the AVI to MP4 with HANDBRAKE which is free. In the video tab, tick Constant framerate.

  •  01-09-2020, 13:08 793563 in reply to 793552

    Re: PS23U - Audio & Video Sync

    Could be an usefull info to get if you could post a screenshot of what Mediainfo say about your files ?
  •  01-09-2020, 14:58 793573 in reply to 793563

    Re: PS23U - Audio & Video Sync

    Attachment: MediaInfo_Tape 11.jpg

    of course, my digitized video didn't have a constant frame rate. That's why I converted it to AVI.

    follow MediaInfo from the AVI file I'm editing.

  •  01-09-2020, 15:04 793574 in reply to 793573

    Re: PS23U - Audio & Video Sync

    xvid, odd choice to digitalize analog footage.

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that the most usefull Mediainfo view was the tree view, not the summary. Would you provide it ?

  •  01-09-2020, 15:44 793586 in reply to 793574

    Re: PS23U - Audio & Video Sync

    Saby, I did not scan in xvid. The xvid was the converted file, which eliminated screen blur and which I used to edit.

    I experimented with some codecs and xvid turned out to be an interesting quality x size cost.

    Follow in tree view the MediaInfo of the files, scanned and converted.

  •  01-09-2020, 15:45 793587 in reply to 793586

    Re: PS23U - Audio & Video Sync

    The converted.
  •  01-09-2020, 15:50 793589 in reply to 793586

    Re: PS23U - Audio & Video Sync

    The video framerate is variable around 30 fps, while the audio framerate is very unusual and different 46.875 fps. Not surprising to get sync issues.
  •  01-09-2020, 18:01 793597 in reply to 793589

    Re: PS23U - Audio & Video Sync

    Really. I expected MediaInfo to treat audio as Sample Rate, which in this case is 48KHz.

    I think Frame Rate was used in audio because Drop Frame occurred in the scan.

    I would have to think more about it.

  •  01-09-2020, 18:06 793598 in reply to 793589

    Re: PS23U - Audio & Video Sync

    Right now I'm converting the scanned file with the HandBraker program that Tony indicated.

  •  01-12-2020, 15:23 793751 in reply to 793598

    Re: PS23U - Audio & Video Sync

    Hi guys.
    I reopened the case, to give you a hint and say that I solved the sync issue in editing with the PS23U.
    I had said that I fixed lip motion with audio in editing, but later, when I exported the file, everything was still out of sync.
    I began to suspect that the program didn't respect detach audio mismatch if I slowed the audio sideways. In my case, I shifted it to the right (delayed). When rendering the project on export, the program would bring the detach audio back in place, matching it with the image clip.
    I thought, I thought, and if that were so, I could fool him.
    I placed a pasted background block before the delayed audio so as not to allow it to return to its place. I extended this background to the left until it was in an edit cut.
    Bingo! I was able to make the program respect what I got right in editing. The end result of the exported video finally came out as I wanted.
    I will close the case. Thanks to all who have gone out of their way to help.
  •  01-12-2020, 16:31 793754 in reply to 793751

    Re: PS23U - Audio & Video Sync

    Glad to hear that you figured out the problem and was able to export without sync issues!!
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