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Showing 4K vs 1080p on normal projector

Last post 02-22-2020, 8:12 by Tony P. 2 replies.
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  •  01-03-2020, 11:51 793200

    Showing 4K vs 1080p on normal projector

    When using a standard projector to present content created using Pinnacle, would there be any observable difference in video quality for 4K vs 1080p, or will the projector eliminate any benefits of 4K?  I’ll be presenting the video in a variety of educational settings using a variety of projectors, none of which will be 4K projectors.  If there’s no jump in visual quality I’ll save time by editing HD instead of 4K.
  •  01-03-2020, 11:58 793202 in reply to 793200

    Re:Showing 4K vs 1080p on normal projector

    Keep going editing and exporting 4K even if you're planning to play it back on a 1080p projector. This way you preserve any original details and let the projector downscale the image.

    The visual result will be better than exporting 1080p.

  •  02-22-2020, 8:12 795497 in reply to 793202

    Re: Re:Showing 4K vs 1080p on normal projector

    I would add to that. Make a 1080 file too just in case the projector doesn't play back the 4K file.

    How are you playing it back on the project? Directly from it or from a computer?

    I would still edit in 4K and then export in 1080.

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