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Missing Feature - Masks

Last post 12-31-2019, 6:05 by Don Harvey. 7 replies.
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  •  12-24-2019, 9:07 792764

    Missing Feature - Masks

    I see in the training videos on Studio Backlot a session on using Masks.

    Recently I upgraded to PS 23 but I do not seem to have this feature. 

     Is this some add-on that need to be purchased separately? 

  •  12-24-2019, 9:35 792766 in reply to 792764

    Re: Missing Feature - Masks

    It requires PS 23 Ultimate. You can upgrade from the more basic versions within the program if you want.



  •  12-30-2019, 12:05 792992 in reply to 792766

    Re: Missing Feature - Masks


    I have just upgraded to Ultimate but when I open Pinnacle Studio it still indicates 'PLUS'

     Should I not now see 'ULTIMATE' ? 

  •  12-30-2019, 12:41 792998 in reply to 792992

    Re: Missing Feature - Masks


    How did you upgrade ?

  •  12-31-2019, 5:42 793030 in reply to 792998

    Re: Missing Feature - Masks

    There was an offer to upgrade to upgrade on opening up Pinnacle Studio 23 Plus. I clicked on the link and when the payment had gone through I received an email stating

    'You paid for:

    Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate'

    and a link 

    Pinnacle Studio 23 - Edition Upgrade 


    There were a number of other links including:

    PaintShop Pro 2020:

    Blu-ray Disc Plug-in:

    NewBlue Art Effects 

  •  12-31-2019, 5:56 793031 in reply to 792998

    Re: Missing Feature - Masks

    Further to my last posting:

     I have just looked at Programs an Features under control panel and there is no indication that Pinnacle was installed yesterday. I can only see version 23 Plus which I installed on the 15th of December. 

     Should I click on the supplied link again? 


  •  12-31-2019, 6:03 793033 in reply to 793031

    Re: Missing Feature - Masks

    Can you explain what happened when you clicked on the link ?
  •  12-31-2019, 6:05 793035 in reply to 792998

    Re: Missing Feature - Masks

    I have gone ahead and started the upgrade again and it seems to be upgrading to Ultimate.

     I'll come back if I still have a problem.

    Thanks for your assistance and sorry to have bothered you. 

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