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Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

Last post 12-02-2019, 17:19 by Tony P. 10 replies.
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  •  12-01-2019, 18:05 791778

    Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    I just purchased Studio 23 Ultimate, as well as the Sonicfire 6 plugin from SmartSound. The confusing thing is that there's not really a visible plugin as it appears to be contained in the full Sonicfire app. When I click on the SmartSound icon in Studio the Sonicfire app opens and in Studio I get the message, 'Select SmartSound song using the SmartSound application'. 

    The only thing is, I don't know how to how to get the song into Studio. Is there something wrong or do I miss something?


  •  12-01-2019, 20:26 791779 in reply to 791778

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Hi, I sometimes have this in PS22.  If you click on the SFP icon it should display the SFP window with 'Send' button on the bottom right.  Select the track you want and press the 'Send' button.
  •  12-02-2019, 4:44 791786 in reply to 791778

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Attachment: PS23 SS Send.jpg

    As posted above, you have to "Send" to the timeline. Depending on the speed of your computer, the Smartsound song has to render on the timeline before it can be played back. The waveform takes a few moment to be built.

    Once on the timeline, you can further adjust the clip length. Again, it will have to re-render. 

    If you want to change the music in the clip to something else but keep the length, double left mouse click on the clip will open up the SS window where you can select the music and Send again to the timeline.


  •  12-02-2019, 7:46 791790 in reply to 791786

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Thank you Traveller and Tony P. That got me on the way! I still have a question: is there a manual or tutorial for this plugin? 
  •  12-02-2019, 8:06 791791 in reply to 791790

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Smartsound's website needs to be updated. But using the plugin is pretty straight forward.

    With the plugin, you can choose the length (time), variation, and if the song has "mood mapping", the Mood and send it to the timeline. That's about it with the plugin.

    With the full version of Sonicfire Pro 6, there is so much more you can do with a song or group of songs. You can compose (mood map), use hit files, etc... then send to PS. 

  •  12-02-2019, 8:57 791795 in reply to 791791

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Thanks for the further explanations. It's indeed pretty straightforward. However, I noticed that when extending the time of a SmartSound track or changing its content, the music often suddenly is cut off just before the end of the track.

    With regards to the full version of Sonicfire, does it increase the functionality of the plugin as well or do you then have to use both apps separately, bypassing the plugin? 

  •  12-02-2019, 9:22 791799 in reply to 791795

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    With using SFP 6, it allows far more control and creativity of the music score than just the plugin. With purchasing the plugin, I believe you get 21 days of full SFP usage. After that, only the plugin features (time, variation, etc.). Use it. Watch this VIDEO to get an idea of the power of Sonicfire Pro. It''s an entire package with SFP and the plugin. They work together. Instead of just clicking on a song and sending it to the timeline, you create your soundtrack by editing in SFP and then in SFP, File>Send to plugin host>Pinnacle, and it appears on your timeline. You can go back and forth a many times as you need correcting and adjusting. SFP has been a part of my editing workflow for 17 years now and it's a "must have" for me.

    As for when you extend a song on the timeline, you have to hit your spacebar (play) and you should see a box open displaying the Rendering box. Once the render is complete, playback should be fine. As for the waveform not rendering out, moving that SS song to another track will rebuild the entire waveform in PS23.

  •  12-02-2019, 10:39 791815 in reply to 791799

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Ah, that's good to know. I have come back to video editing and used to use SS. I got quite some CDs but unfortunately not multi-layer. So, it will take some time (and money) to build up a new library. 

    Thanks for the spacebar and track tip. That works. 

  •  12-02-2019, 10:56 791816 in reply to 791815

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    I have a mix of both multilayer and single layer music.They both work. It's how far you can customize them.

    I usually wait for sales before buying, like now and around Christmas time. 

  •  12-02-2019, 17:11 791836 in reply to 791816

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Yes, I understand. The trial version of Sonicfire comes with a multi-layer album. Quite a step-up from the older music collections. And sales always help. :-)
  •  12-02-2019, 17:19 791838 in reply to 791836

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Smartsound has sales right now!
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