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Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

Last post 12-18-2019, 17:41 by Tony P. 25 replies.
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  •  12-01-2019, 18:05 791778

    Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    I just purchased Studio 23 Ultimate, as well as the Sonicfire 6 plugin from SmartSound. The confusing thing is that there's not really a visible plugin as it appears to be contained in the full Sonicfire app. When I click on the SmartSound icon in Studio the Sonicfire app opens and in Studio I get the message, 'Select SmartSound song using the SmartSound application'. 

    The only thing is, I don't know how to how to get the song into Studio. Is there something wrong or do I miss something?


  •  12-01-2019, 20:26 791779 in reply to 791778

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Hi, I sometimes have this in PS22.  If you click on the SFP icon it should display the SFP window with 'Send' button on the bottom right.  Select the track you want and press the 'Send' button.
  •  12-02-2019, 4:44 791786 in reply to 791778

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Attachment: PS23 SS Send.jpg

    As posted above, you have to "Send" to the timeline. Depending on the speed of your computer, the Smartsound song has to render on the timeline before it can be played back. The waveform takes a few moment to be built.

    Once on the timeline, you can further adjust the clip length. Again, it will have to re-render. 

    If you want to change the music in the clip to something else but keep the length, double left mouse click on the clip will open up the SS window where you can select the music and Send again to the timeline.


  •  12-02-2019, 7:46 791790 in reply to 791786

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Thank you Traveller and Tony P. That got me on the way! I still have a question: is there a manual or tutorial for this plugin? 
  •  12-02-2019, 8:06 791791 in reply to 791790

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Smartsound's website needs to be updated. But using the plugin is pretty straight forward.

    With the plugin, you can choose the length (time), variation, and if the song has "mood mapping", the Mood and send it to the timeline. That's about it with the plugin.

    With the full version of Sonicfire Pro 6, there is so much more you can do with a song or group of songs. You can compose (mood map), use hit files, etc... then send to PS. 

  •  12-02-2019, 8:57 791795 in reply to 791791

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Thanks for the further explanations. It's indeed pretty straightforward. However, I noticed that when extending the time of a SmartSound track or changing its content, the music often suddenly is cut off just before the end of the track.

    With regards to the full version of Sonicfire, does it increase the functionality of the plugin as well or do you then have to use both apps separately, bypassing the plugin? 

  •  12-02-2019, 9:22 791799 in reply to 791795

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    With using SFP 6, it allows far more control and creativity of the music score than just the plugin. With purchasing the plugin, I believe you get 21 days of full SFP usage. After that, only the plugin features (time, variation, etc.). Use it. Watch this VIDEO to get an idea of the power of Sonicfire Pro. It''s an entire package with SFP and the plugin. They work together. Instead of just clicking on a song and sending it to the timeline, you create your soundtrack by editing in SFP and then in SFP, File>Send to plugin host>Pinnacle, and it appears on your timeline. You can go back and forth a many times as you need correcting and adjusting. SFP has been a part of my editing workflow for 17 years now and it's a "must have" for me.

    As for when you extend a song on the timeline, you have to hit your spacebar (play) and you should see a box open displaying the Rendering box. Once the render is complete, playback should be fine. As for the waveform not rendering out, moving that SS song to another track will rebuild the entire waveform in PS23.

  •  12-02-2019, 10:39 791815 in reply to 791799

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Ah, that's good to know. I have come back to video editing and used to use SS. I got quite some CDs but unfortunately not multi-layer. So, it will take some time (and money) to build up a new library. 

    Thanks for the spacebar and track tip. That works. 

  •  12-02-2019, 10:56 791816 in reply to 791815

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    I have a mix of both multilayer and single layer music.They both work. It's how far you can customize them.

    I usually wait for sales before buying, like now and around Christmas time. 

  •  12-02-2019, 17:11 791836 in reply to 791816

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Yes, I understand. The trial version of Sonicfire comes with a multi-layer album. Quite a step-up from the older music collections. And sales always help. :-)
  •  12-02-2019, 17:19 791838 in reply to 791836

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Smartsound has sales right now!
  •  12-13-2019, 15:24 792285 in reply to 791838

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Tony P:
    Smartsound has sales right now!

     As you've been very helpful, I thought to give you an update. Thanks again for your guidance. I purchased the pro version and was able to do so through an upgrade. It was also on sale so that lowered the cost significantly. I now have two multi-layer albums to get me going and hope for a new sale in the near future. I checked the Smartsound site today and, surprisingly enough, I received warnings that the site is not secure. Apparently their security certificate expired! 

  •  12-13-2019, 16:05 792286 in reply to 792285

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Thanks for the update!!

    As for their website, I just logged in and no problems. I have Malwarebytes Pro and BitDefender running and no problems. They always block or warn if the site is not 100%

  •  12-13-2019, 16:21 792288 in reply to 792286

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Go figure, now it's secure again. Perhaps just a glitch. 
  •  12-14-2019, 4:23 792292 in reply to 792288

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Their site still has some updating to do. The Pinnacle plugin page is ancient... going back 9 years to legacy Pinnacle. The tutorial link is "dead" too.

    But you see the tremendous customization you can do with the multi layered music in SFP6. AFAIK, nothing like it on the market. 

  •  12-16-2019, 18:09 792394 in reply to 792292

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Yes, their site is not the best. And check their forum: creative writing courses, posts about education and Sonicfire Pro is stuck at 5.8. 

    But the product is fantastic and the service I received so far is excellent. 

  •  12-16-2019, 18:18 792395 in reply to 792394

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    I've commented with one of the people that work there about the site. He told me they have a lot of work ahead of them for updating the site. So, I give them lots of slack because whenever I needed help, it was always there quickly and effectively.

    I've been using SS since 2002 or there abouts... 

    For me, Smartsound is the best.

  •  12-17-2019, 4:54 792401 in reply to 792395

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Tony P:

    For me, Smartsound is the best. 

    I agree! 

  •  12-17-2019, 16:35 792453 in reply to 792401

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Tony, do you mind me asking what some of your favorite Smartsound albums are? That would help me orient myself in the 'ocean of offerings'.
  •  12-17-2019, 16:48 792456 in reply to 792453

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    I like Power Play, Vivid Imagination, Positive Biz vol 2, Core Evolution, Core Beyond, Power Play, Corporate Ambition, Corporate Ladder, Thrive, On the Rise, Aesthetics: New Rock, Portraits / Solitude / Intimate. 

    There is so much on the SS website, it's overwhelming.

  •  12-17-2019, 18:21 792458 in reply to 792456

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    That's an energetic collection (except for the Portraits album), Tony, thanks for that! I especially like Power Play.

    Do you also choose albums that give the most flexibility with regards to mood mapping?

    By the way their Winter Sale started today, so big savings to be had. Are these their bottom prices? 

  •  12-17-2019, 18:40 792459 in reply to 792458

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    I've bought music that I personally like and think of how to use it. Most of my personal projects are the result of music first, video second. I listen and envision what to do with it.

    I have a lot of music that doesn't have mood mapping, so will go back to those also. When it's projects I am paid to do, I use music that fits the project, but wont' sound too dated in the future. 

    As for the sale, Christmas is coming... not sure if they will have sales then, but you never know! I still have 5 singles in my account waiting for me to pick the right ones. I'll use any music that I have.

    Lublin. towards the end of the video, Majdanek heading to the mausoleum (that flying sauce looking thing) where the ashes and bones of those cremated before the ashes could be sent off to Germany for fertilizer.

    Oh... I used Sierra's Lullaby, album Sincere / Gentle / Heartfelt  for a video of did of the German death camp, Majdanek, in the town I live in.  A sobering place to visit. It has the largest single day death toll of any camp. 18,400 shot in one day.

  •  12-18-2019, 16:45 792505 in reply to 792459

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    Thanks for sharing some insights about how you work. Interesting that you often start with the music and let yourself be inspired what to shoot. I will try that one day as well.

    As I wrote in my previous post, the Xmas/Winter sale started yesterday, so if you still have some money in your pocket.....  

     Nice video of Lublin, especially because it's in 4K. Makes it crystal clear compared to the old formats. Of course a tripod helps a lot as well. 

    Impressive that you also included Majdanek. Two worlds so closely connected and at the same time so far apart.  

  •  12-18-2019, 16:50 792506 in reply to 792505

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    I do a lot of hand held shots. Mos to the video was hand held. With the G9's stabilization, I am don't even take a tripod with me.

    But usually, I'll hear a piece of music, and a video starts to form. 

    I'm spent out .... I'll have to recover and wait till the next SS sale!

  •  12-18-2019, 17:02 792509 in reply to 792506

    Re: Studio 23 Ultimate and SmartSound plugin

    You must have a steady hand (and the G9's stabilization must be good). 

    Start the music.... 

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