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Random BLACK frames in 60P video

Last post 12-03-2019, 14:22 by Pinnuser-1998. 4 replies.
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  •  11-30-2019, 15:09 791749

    Random BLACK frames in 60P video

    I've shot a video at 60fps (progressive) -- and on Pinn19's timeline the video periodically has a blank BLACK frame.

    These occur seemingly at random -- and for a single frame.

    Looking at the original the video looks pristine, with no black frames present (using VLC).

    Mostly (90%??) of the timeline is fine, but the random black frames are VERY annoying.

    Does Pinn have an issue with working with 60P video ?   Is there a workaround ??

    (not sure if this is the cause, but the timeline had been set for 30P).


  •  11-30-2019, 15:29 791751 in reply to 791749

    Re: Random BLACK frames in 60P video

    The problem was because the timeline was set to a different framerate than the original video's frame rate.

    Setting it to 60P fixed the issue. 

  •  11-30-2019, 19:20 791754 in reply to 791751

    Re: Random BLACK frames in 60P video

    For me, it's when I use a mixture interlaced 30fps and progressive 60fps on the same timeline.
  •  11-30-2019, 22:04 791755 in reply to 791754

    Re: Random BLACK frames in 60P video

    that makes sense -- similar to me, your video is in effect being transformed between 60P & 30P. 

    In theory the math of going between 30 and 60 ought be simple, but it seems the converting process is more difficult -- generating intermittent dropped frames.

    I'm learning that its best to maintain consistency between the original shoot format and the timeline.

    I wonder what will happen on export -- originally I'd planned to do the export as 30P -- maybe not now. 

  •  12-03-2019, 14:22 791867 in reply to 791755

    Re: Random BLACK frames in 60P video

    I've just done some 20min exports -- one at 30P (29.97), and one at 60P (59.94).  Both were at 12000KBits @ 1920 x 1080.

    The 30P export is fine -- no dropped frames (no black frames).

    The 60P looks fine, but it loses sync at around 8min.

    Not certain of the cause, but I'm guessing that my PC: (i7 3.4ghz 16gb ram) is overwhelmed by the 60P export. 




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