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Rendering problems in PS22 and PS23

Last post 11-23-2019, 15:58 by Tony P. 1 replies.
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  •  11-23-2019, 15:24 791333

    Rendering problems in PS22 and PS23

    It is encouraging to read that there are so many happy PS23U users. Unfortunately I am not one of them yet. I have just upgraded to PS23U, because I was struggling to fix rendering problems in PS22.

    Background rendering and rendering would randomly stop anywhere in PS22. It required a restart to get going again, just for it to randomly stop anywhere in the project again. I was told by Corel support that upgrading to PS23U would fix my problem, but unfortunately I still sit with the very same problem. Now I wonder if it is my system, or my cameras, or recording modes that cause the rendering problems.  

    Could you guys kindly provide some guidance. 

    My System:
    OS: Windows 10 Pro, 64bit
    Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor, 3593Mhz
    RAM: 16GB DDR4
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
    120GB Hard drive (C:), and 4TB Hard drive (D:) 

    Panasonic AG-AC30EJ, 1080/50.00p, 50M. Video file format = mp4
    Canon EOS 70D, 1080p, 25fps. Video file format = mov
    What could be causing my rendering and background rendering to randomly stop anywhere in the project in PS23?
    Thank you
  •  11-23-2019, 15:58 791336 in reply to 791333

    Re: Rendering problems in PS22 and PS23

    How long are your projects? What is Hardware Acceleration set to? Setup>Control Panel>Export and Preview. If CUDA, turn it off and try rendering. Also make sure that you have the latest graphics drivers.

    I am also guessing that you are saving everything to your D: drive. Make sure ALL your Storage locations point to it. I have nothing going to my 1TB SSD C:. Everything goes to another drive. 

    I would suggest getting a larger C: drive. How much free space do you have on it? It can't be much. 


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