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Pinnacle Trial Possible Bug or Feature?

Last post 11-23-2019, 18:21 by DaveThompson. 3 replies.
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  •  11-22-2019, 14:48 791290

    Pinnacle Trial Possible Bug or Feature?

    Hi guys, trial version user here. Loving it so far, but have found a weird thing that I am unsure is a bug or a possible undocumented feature (which one could argue is what a bug is called anyway!) and while it is no show-stopper, as an amateur coder it interests me if it happens to others..

    With a video playing/previewing - source and media format doesn't appear to matter (project bin or timeline), and I double-click on the sound/VU meters, playback stops (not unusual I know but I am simply describing what happens) but when playback is restarted, the sound is now very loud and the VU meters maxed out into the red. It is as if the sound has been uber-normalised, but as it is really overcooked and distorting/breaking up, it is not useful as a feature (if it is intended behavior). Hitting 'undo' (or CTRL+Z) restores original sound levels so no harm done but it does seem to be an odd thing to happen. There is no right-click context menu on these meters so I wonder why there would be any action by double-clicking on them in the first place.


    Thanks for the great resource here by the way - too many forum people go unappreciated.



    (Windows 10 Pro 64 - latest build, 16GB RAM, Intel i7 something-or-other). Latest downloadable build of Pinnacle Trial.



  •  11-22-2019, 15:11 791291 in reply to 791290

    Re:Pinnacle Trial Possible Bug or Feature?

    Hi Dave and welcome to this forum.

    I could reproduce it in a paid version of PS23.

    I never noticed that double-clicking the VU meter would pause the video. I don't think it's something Corel did on purpose.

    Anyway it's abug, IMO.

  •  11-22-2019, 16:25 791295 in reply to 791291

    Re: Re:Pinnacle Trial Possible Bug or Feature?

    Hi Dave, 

    Welcome to the forum, and thanks for catching this.  It is a bug, and we will fix it in an upcoming release.  

  •  11-23-2019, 18:21 791339 in reply to 791290

    Re: Pinnacle Trial Possible Bug or Feature?

    Thanks saby and glus - nice to know I'm not going crazy...


    Greets from New Zealand. 



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