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3D video's

Last post 11-22-2019, 4:00 by jacques72. 2 replies.
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  •  11-19-2019, 10:46 791190

    3D video's

    Who can help me.

    I was always very satisfied withPinnacle Studio, I made 3D videos that always did great. But when buying Studio 22 it appearsthat it is no longer possible to make another 3D video. Pinnacle apparently removed this optionin Studio 21, even though the menu is there. However, it is out of use. The only thing that is still possible isto create a 3D file, but then you cannot use menus. In short, Pinnacle has left it nice andthere you are with a very expensive 3D camera that you can not use. Does anyone know of a possibility tomake a 3D video using another program if necessary? You cannot go back to Studio 19, becausethen the newest options will no longer work. It will be clear that I no longer thinkabout buying an even newer Studio.

    Sincerely Wodan

  •  11-19-2019, 11:43 791199 in reply to 791190

    Re:3D video's


    Sorry but it's difficlut to understand your concern.

    Do you mean that you can no longer produce a physical disk with 3D video ?
    If so, may be it is simply that you must activate the Authoring tab that is disabled by default. For this Set up menu, Control panel, Legacy Options, Legacy Authoring Mode, Enable.

  •  11-22-2019, 4:00 791272 in reply to 791190

    Re: 3D video's

    As you I am sorry that Corel has abandoned the coding and decoding AVCHD 3D clips Sony TD10,20,30 camcorders.
    I have the TD10 camcorder and I worked around the problem using a 3D MVC 3D HDTV converter software in Side by Side. Once the clips are converted to side by side, you can work in 3D.

    What we can not do is export to MVC on blu ray and this is a shame. Question of 2D / 3D compatibility.By cons you can still make a Blu ray side by side compatible with your TV
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