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Disc Video Does Not Match Timeline Video

Last post 11-14-2019, 5:19 by Helmut42. 1 replies.
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  •  11-09-2019, 14:35 790776

    Disc Video Does Not Match Timeline Video

    This will be hard to describe and I can't believe it's happening although it happened twice with Studio 22...

    I have a video of a bike rider coming down a hill.  Just before she goes off camera, I did a frame grab.  Then I cut the clip and inserted the frame grab for a 5 second duration.  On the timeline it plays just as I wanted it to.  When I create a disc project, when the video is playing and the rider gets to the position I have the screen shot the video goes back (5 seconds I assume) to where the rider was, continues on then the rider just zooms out of the display as in the original clip.

    The first time it happened I assumed it was my bad and the disc I created didn't pick up my frame grab change, so I went back and generated another disk.  Same problem.  The frame grab does not play.  Then I tried exporting to a file instead of a disc.  Same problem.  I have used other frame grabs with no problem.  Does this make sense to anyone?

    I used Studio 9 for years and created dozens of DVDs for birthdays, baptisms, weddings, anniversaries, dance recitals, etc.  I never had a problem where the end result did not match the timeline view.  

  •  11-14-2019, 5:19 790936 in reply to 790776

    AW: Disc Video Does Not Match Timeline Video

    Hi Rick,

    for the first, please post your exact hardware-configuration in your signature, ( processor, memory, graphic-card, harddsic ( how much, how big )  also the version of your studio22 ( version, patch-level ( 22.x.x.xxxx )

    CAUTION , there is a "little" difference between Studio9 and studio 22, also for the necessary hardware-power. May be, that cause the problem.

    how did you take the frame-grab ?? With the snapshot-function in studio ?? Or with an external program ??

    How ist your adjustment for the timeline, for export ??
    What kind of material ( resolution, framerate ) did you use; which file format did you use ??

    Without all this information there is no possibility for correct answer.

    Regards from Austria, Helmut

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