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Overlays - Ultimate Studio 22

Last post 12-11-2019, 8:25 by Rainking79. 6 replies.
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  •  10-16-2019, 5:17 789683

    Overlays - Ultimate Studio 22

    Hi all,

    first post :)

    Looking for some help sitting an overlay on top of an image. I purchased the snow overlays pack from Corel shop but when I try to place on top of an image (image on track 1 - overlay on track 2) the background of the overlay is white so makes the background image look over exposed. The only way so far to get both to appear is to change the opacity of the snow overlay to let more of the background image through but then makes the snow translucent. Worth noting, on the shop page the simulation of the overlays has a black background but when I open them the background is white... (edit: site also mentions the background has 'an alpha channel (transparent background)' but not when I open them).

     I've tried the same activity in an alternative product and when I load the overlay in the background changes to white and grey checks and only overlays the snow on top of the image (which is what I want i.e. without the white background). Feels like studio isnt recognising that its an overlay and the background should be 'null'?

    I hope this makes sense without images but how do I get it to do this in Pinnacle studio?

    Thanks in advance.


    Solution: Not entirely happy with this one but....they have apparently changed the animated overlays from QT to Gopro cineform MOV. The new format doesnt work on versions pre PS23 and they dont offer to sell the old compatable versions so only option is to upgrade to PS23.




  •  10-16-2019, 12:12 789692 in reply to 789683

    Re:Overlays - Ultimate Studio 22

    Hi and welcome to this forum.

    Is Quicktime installed on your computer. It is required to read .mov with alpha channels invStudio.

  •  10-17-2019, 3:34 789730 in reply to 789692

    Re: Re:Overlays - Ultimate Studio 22

    Thanks for the reply Saby.


    Im on Win 10 and installed Quicktime* but unfortunately still not working. I think you are right and this is the problem - I think I need to continue 'tinkering' with it :(


    Seems strange though that QT is required when its an old app that's no longer supported but Studio needs it for .mov - you'd think they'd develop Studio without needing it. 


      *Not 100% convinced it fully works as mentioned on their site versions other than vista or Win 7 and other versions may not have full functionality.


    Thanks again Saby 

  •  10-17-2019, 8:40 789739 in reply to 789730

    Re: Re:Overlays - Ultimate Studio 22

    What version of Quicktime do you have? I'm still on W7 but I have version 7.7.6 that I installed 5 years ago and don't have issues with mov files I use in other apps. I haven't used it recently in Studio, (I have 21), but don't recall any issues.


  •  10-18-2019, 3:59 789777 in reply to 789739

    Re: Re:Overlays - Ultimate Studio 22

    The latest (and last) version is 7.7.9. - it does say that its designed for Win7/Vista and other versions may not have full functionality :(



  •  10-18-2019, 12:38 789800 in reply to 789777

    Re: Re:Overlays - Ultimate Studio 22

    I just gave it a try and it's working fine with these overlays and PS23.

    The white teint means that PS23 is failing to detect/read the alpha channel.

  •  12-11-2019, 8:25 792195 in reply to 789800

    Re: Re:Overlays - Ultimate Studio 22

    Updated to resolved and provided 'solution' in OP.


    Thanks again for your help Saby.



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