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Separate Audio Lines

Last post 10-11-2019, 15:05 by saby. 8 replies.
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  •  10-11-2019, 6:10 789524

    Separate Audio Lines


    I want to edit a video recorded with Shadow Play.

    I record with separate audio for PC input and output.

    But in Pinnacle the audio is combined, how can i separate them ?

    Even free video editors have it, by default.

    Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate. 

  •  10-11-2019, 6:41 789525 in reply to 789524

    Re:Separate Audio Lines

    Hi and welcome to this forum.

    Studio can't handle multi-tracks audio files.

  •  10-11-2019, 6:45 789526 in reply to 789525

    AW: Re:Separate Audio Lines

    WOW, this kind of embarrassing for a paid program.....


  •  10-11-2019, 8:32 789531 in reply to 789526

    Re:AW: Re:Separate Audio Lines

    Too easy to compare on a single feature freeware vs paidware.

    There are tons of things that you can do in Studio and that you can't do with most freeware editors.

  •  10-11-2019, 14:26 789542 in reply to 789525

    Re: Re:Separate Audio Lines

    Studio can't handle multi-tracks audio files.

    Am somewhat surprised over this answer 

    I have used numerous DAWs and see no problem using Studio 23 for video production with separate audio tracks.

    To use video editing with entirely separate audio tracks, select the video clip (all with Ctrl-A), right click the selection and select 'Detach Audio'.

    Then add the required audio files to a 'Binary' and drag them into the timeline.

    Of course Pinnacle Studio can't compeat with Vegas for this special segment.

    Hint: Studio 23 has lots of 'hitten' audio features which can be found in the manual.

  •  10-11-2019, 14:34 789543 in reply to 789542

    Re: Re:Separate Audio Lines

    I meant a single audio files with several tracks muxed.
  •  10-11-2019, 14:55 789544 in reply to 789543

    Re: Re:Separate Audio Lines


    Couldn't he do two passes, one with Ch 1 connected and then with only Ch 2 (audio) imported into PS?  Then sync them up as they would be on separate timelines?  Then again, I may not understand the source/task?

    Hope all is well with you.  All ok with us,


  •  10-11-2019, 14:59 789545 in reply to 789543

    Re: Re:Separate Audio Lines

    Agree, Studio 23 does not support e.g. FLAC and WavPack multitrack formats, which is fully acceptable as there are workaround for this.
  •  10-11-2019, 15:05 789546 in reply to 789544

    Re: Re:Separate Audio Lines

    Hello Ira,

    If I understand correctly, he has got a video file with 2 audio chanels muxed. It's not a matter of the way it is imported. Studio won't see the second audio chanel.

    Yep, we are doing well. Very busy with my job. Very busy with Studio Backlot too. But I like being busy ...


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