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Bluray issues

Last post 10-11-2019, 10:41 by Yorkie. 5 replies.
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  •  10-06-2019, 4:01 789349

    Bluray issues

    Does anybody else have issues erasing Bluray RE discs to use again in Pinnacle?

    I am finding Pinnacle rejecting some discs reporting that they are not re writable but they are. Sometimes this can be overcome by ejecting and reloading the disc and it will sometimes use the disc offered.

    I am struggling to get Pinnacle to burn the current project, sometimes the disc will 'burn' but when placed into a player there is nothing, no menu no video footage even though the files seem to be there, looking on the PC.  I sometimes have tried to play the files on the PC, the video usually plays but the menu files come up corrupt according to W10.

    Last night I set off a disc to burn an Image created earlier in the day , it took almost 6 hours to burn the disc, it sounded as though it was stopping and starting all the time. ie burn something then pause, then burn then pause. No wonder it took most of the night. (The disc did burn properly for once!)

    My burner is a little on the old side now, a LG  BH10LS30. All firmware is up-to date.

    There is no way I know of in Pinnacle to just wipe / erase any disc without having to create a project first to export, I would like to see this option as a feature if that was possible in the next version. Being able to get Pinnacle to confirm a disc is good to go would be great.

    If anyone has any ideas about the issue please could you let me know?

  •  10-10-2019, 2:05 789471 in reply to 789349

    Re: Bluray issues

  •  10-11-2019, 2:38 789508 in reply to 789471

    Re: Bluray issues

    I'm not providing any solution but I can say that I've seen several same reports in the past. I do have experienced issues with BD-RE too.
  •  10-11-2019, 9:36 789534 in reply to 789508

    Re: Bluray issues

    Thanks Yann, it is good to know I am not by myself with this issue.

    It is really frustrating trying to burn a project when this happens not only discs being used but also the time factor.

  •  10-11-2019, 9:49 789536 in reply to 789534

    Re: Bluray issues

    I think Imgburn has the ability to erase a BD-RE disc. Might be worth a shot. What little reading I've done on the topic leads me to believe it does a complete format of the disc rather than just erasing the file table or whatever that index file is called.


  •  10-11-2019, 10:41 789538 in reply to 789536

    Re: Bluray issues

    Cheers Joe, will look at IMGBURN but it would be nice if there was an in-house eraser?
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