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Lost SmartSound

Last post 10-09-2019, 9:51 by Tony P. 8 replies.
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  •  09-27-2019, 18:31 788941

    Lost SmartSound

    I installed PS23 this morning, but when I tested it I discovered no sound on my MTS or M2TS videos, by Corel design, so I uninstalled it -- a mistake I guess, because now PS 21.5 has lost its connection to SonicFire Pro (the SS icon is gone). How can I get that back? It was working fine, both just before I installed PS23 and after I installed it (but before uninstalling it).
  •  09-28-2019, 3:20 788950 in reply to 788941

    Re:Lost SmartSound

    Reinstall the plugin.
  •  09-28-2019, 9:27 788960 in reply to 788950

    Re: Re:Lost SmartSound

    Reinstall the plugin sounds easy, but Sonicfire 6 shows the plugin is already activated and the SmartSound site shows me a page to purchase the plugin but not to download it. So I think that Sonicfire is ready, but PS21 shows me no indication of SmartSound at all, neither a way to use it nor a way to activate it. As mentioned above, the icon to use SS is gone from PS, and there's nothing in the menus or preferences/setup to let me enter an activation code, to reinstall a plugin or to do anything at all related to SS. Nor can I find anything on my system that would indicate a plugin installer.

    Would this indicate that I need to reinstall Sonicfire, reinstall PS21, or ???



    P.S. I should have mentioned that SS still works fine in Studio 12 and 19 and in Avid Studio.

  •  10-05-2019, 0:37 789311 in reply to 788960

    Re: Re:Lost SmartSound

    You are lucky to have SS working on 12 and 19.

    I had the SS icon on PS v 17 to v 23 but it says NOT ACTIVATED when I try to use it, and even with Smartsounds support we couldn't make it work, finally I gave up and left it like that.

    Now I installed Smartsound v 6.4.1 (when installation is running)  and v 6.4.0 after installation and the SS icon is gone.

    I use it like Plug in only...

  •  10-05-2019, 1:54 789312 in reply to 789311

    Re: Re:Lost SmartSound

    I still have ver.5.7 and with every upgrade to Studio I have a situation where the plugin is active, sort-of but not all together. I get a pop-up that says I need to either buy or activate but the plugin is activated.  The fix is to click on the HELP drop-down menu in SonicFire Pro 5 then click on Change Serial Number. Reinsert Serial Number and The program works fine in Pinnacle Studio 23. Before I did this I could not send a music file to the timeline. I could however export an un-editable music file to the computer.

    I have considered upgrading to SS ver.6 but with the problems expressed here maybe I will wait a bit. 

  •  10-05-2019, 9:19 789316 in reply to 789312

    Re: Re:Lost SmartSound

    Thanks, Rocket -- I tried the change serial number thing, but it doesn't get the SS Icon back. And I just discovered that trying to use the Pinnacle music thing causes an immediate dialog box that NGStudio stopped working, then the program goes away. So I think the problem is in PS21, not in SS.


    Addendum: I reinsalled PS21 Patch 21.5 and the SS icon is back. But it said SS wasn't properly activated, so I tried your reinsert serial number and that did the trick -- SS works and Scorefitter also works now -- so thanks very much Rocket, I appreciate it.

  •  10-05-2019, 14:05 789331 in reply to 789316

    Re: Re:Lost SmartSound

    I have SFP6 on my computer with the PS plugin. It is working in PS20-23U on my computer. Initially, installing the latest version removed SS from the timeline toolbar. A friend suggested uninstalling PS22 (just the main program) and then reinstall it. SS was on timeline toolbar.
  •  10-09-2019, 8:12 789448 in reply to 789331

    Re: Re:Lost SmartSound

    Thanks, Tony. I reinstalled PS21.5 and that cured it.
  •  10-09-2019, 9:51 789450 in reply to 789448

    Re: Re:Lost SmartSound

    Thanks for reporting back! Yes
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