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Montage/Template edit timing of images

Last post 08-22-2019, 7:11 by Tony P. 3 replies.
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  •  08-21-2019, 18:48 787424

    Montage/Template edit timing of images

    Studio 20+ on Windows 10

    Montage/Template: Creative Pack VI - MultiLayer Mix 2: 3 bars fade sequence

    This is a 5 second template that I can add 3 images to (copy and paste into the DropZone).  The images show up from 0-1 sec, 1-2 sec, 2-3 sec, then goes black for 3-5 sec.

    I want to edit the timing of this template to even split those 3 images to 0-1.67, 1.67-3.3, 3.3-5.

    I've tried going thru the Setup Control Panel and Project Settings to change the Montage Scaling to Fit per Pinnacle email support but nothing.

    All the YouTube videos say you should see little tabs in the template timeline to adjust but they don't show up.

    I am making a high school Senior video and want to show 3 images of each kid (50 total) so I want to get this template timing correct then copy and paste it 49Xs. 

    Any suggestions or behind the scenes fixes anyone knows about to edit this would be GREATLY appreciated. 

  •  08-22-2019, 6:35 787436 in reply to 787424

    Re: Montage/Template edit timing of images

    The adjustment that I believe was mentioned is that you can set the "In" point of where a video starts in the placeholder, not the timing of it. Photos are still images and would not need that. If you place a video there (to test) you will see a little slider that you can adjust. The timing will still be the same, whether video or image.

    As for adjusting the timing, I don't believe you can. It's fixed. 

    Maybe someone else here can come up with a viable solution.

  •  08-22-2019, 7:01 787438 in reply to 787424

    Re: Montage/Template edit timing of images

    If you adjust the total duration, the individual clips get proportionally shorter or longer. I wonder if you can put multiple on the timeline, group select them and set their duration and get a result you like?



  •  08-22-2019, 7:11 787439 in reply to 787438

    Re: Montage/Template edit timing of images

    Yes, you can stretch the theme out, but look at his timing settings.....
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