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Adorage/ Heroglyph

Last post 08-17-2019, 6:10 by culpanr. 3 replies.
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  •  08-15-2019, 15:39 787118

    Adorage/ Heroglyph

    Just a quick shout out to the Rocket. Thanks much for the tip. Got a response within 30 minutes from my request, they sent the download links and everything is working . Must be they already had the work done, or it was the same download I needed for S22, but perhaps I just needed another download for S23. In any's working. Thanks again.(I remember now I had to do it for S22 as well...old age is a real bummer!. No longer selective memories for what the wife I forget everything. Well, maybe not everything)
  •  08-16-2019, 12:24 787173 in reply to 787118

    Betreft: Adorage/ Heroglyph

    Hello Oldman ,


    Can you help me out , what did you get ? from who ?

    Can you share it ? ; over here adorage and heroglyph are not working 


    Thanx in advance 



  •  08-16-2019, 23:37 787182 in reply to 787173

    Re: Betreft: Adorage/ Heroglyph

    ProDad has provided plugin updates for PS 23. You will need to go to your emails from ProDad with the original program download links. When the update is available, click on that 64bit link for each of your ProDad programs, download and install. No need to uninstall first.

    If after doing that the program still does not work properly then we will have to wait for another update from ProDad or Corel.  I reinstalled all three  ( Vitascene 3.0; Heroglyph 4.0 and Adorage 3.0) with the PS 23 plugins but have not checked them all out yet.

  •  08-17-2019, 6:10 787193 in reply to 787182

    Re: Betreft: Adorage/ Heroglyph

    FWIW - as far as I am aware - Prodad did not need to update their plugins for compatibility with PS22 (and possibly will not need to do so for PS23 either); taking Heroglyph 4.0 as an example, its last update was dated 15 November 2018 and was for compatibility with Windows 10 1809. I just tried downloading it again using the little stub installer from my purchase email and received the same version as I already had (

    Reinstalling the Prodad program is a straightforward way of adding the plugins to newly-installed versions of Pinnacle Studio (more foolproof than trying to find and manually copy the plugin files). So, reinstalling (even the same version as you already have) should show PS23 as an available program for installing the plugin into.

    Note, however that there does appear to be a problem with using Prodad plugins in the current (23.0.1) version of PS23 (I believe Corel are aware):

    • Install from the retail DVD (version and the Prodad plugins work normally
    • Install from the download ESD (version, or update from a retail DVD installation using the 23.0.1 patch and they do not work; the plugin opens and changes can be made, but those changes are thrown away when you return to Studio.


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