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More Wierd Behaviour

Last post 08-17-2019, 6:08 by Volkemon. 2 replies.
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  •  02-09-2019, 5:38 779680

    More Wierd Behaviour

    This might be to do with my exisiting problem but I have some other strange things going on. If I open a project I get no display in the preview window no matter what I do. If I then save the project (having done nothing else with it) after saving the display appears in the preview window. The space bar will not play the timeline clips but after I have selected play from the preview window section, I can then use the space bar to stop playback. After that, playback has to be resumed again via the preview window.
  •  07-31-2019, 11:12 786691 in reply to 779680

    Re: More Wierd Behaviour



    You're not alone with this kind of behavior.  I'm getting all kinds of glitches too.  I've been in touch with support and they're not very helpful on a tech level either.

    .mov files are a mine field and the Color correction, for me, the preview window goes blank when I want to colour correct (real useful eh?!).  I reinstalled DX Runtime 10 which helped, but it still happens on a few random files.

    Best thing to do is to get a piece of software called "media info", its free.  You can then look at all the codec and file information on the files you want to use and then check it against Pinnicle's supported formats/files.  If your files fall outside of their criteria, you can use something like HD Video Converter or Freemake to convert you filesto a suitable format.


    I find it most annoying myself, but we, the users, have no control over this.

  •  08-17-2019, 6:08 787192 in reply to 786691

    Re: More Wierd Behaviour

    Thanks for the info producer_ben!



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