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PS23 Masking failure

Last post 08-15-2019, 13:40 by saby. 8 replies.
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  •  08-14-2019, 19:18 787069

    PS23 Masking failure

    I tried the masking tool(s) in PS23 and finally had to abandon it on my video. It is a ~ 3 minute video about a work project. It is a combination of stills with pan and zoom and videos from  phone cameras. In one of the videos I was trying to obscure a vehicle license plate and found that the automated masking tool quickly (within a second or two) lost the plate and progressed to other parts of the truck with a black mask instead and a separate (chosen) Blur that generally followed the black one. I also tried a manual process frame by frame and that was way too tedious as the mask shape (rectangular) would change shape every three or four frames where I would have to correct it. The video of the back of the truck was not the greatest resolution but the letters and numbers on the tag were legible to me and the edge of the tag was rather distinct.  Admittedly, this is the first time I tried the new (to me) mask tool and this would be a great tool if it worked.

  •  08-15-2019, 2:00 787076 in reply to 787069

    Re:PS23 Masking failure


    The feature you are talking about is not new.

  •  08-15-2019, 5:31 787084 in reply to 787069

    Re: PS23 Masking failure

    Have you watched this video? There has to be a distinct difference between what you want to track and the surrounding video. If not, you have to track one frame at a time and adjust accordingly.


  •  08-15-2019, 6:19 787086 in reply to 787076

    Re: Re:PS23 Masking failure

    Understood, that is why I put "(to me)".
  •  08-15-2019, 6:51 787092 in reply to 787086

    Re: Re:PS23 Masking failure also said "if it worked".... which it does.
  •  08-15-2019, 9:24 787100 in reply to 787092

    Re: Re:PS23 Masking failure

    Not in my application.

    I will look at the training video mentioned above and try it again however. Thanks for that input.


  •  08-15-2019, 11:16 787106 in reply to 787100

    Re: Re:PS23 Masking failure

    I watched the training video above and followed the steps in there. Same general results where the mask would follow for a number of frames (but more this time) and the mask would morph into odd shapes with points off the video frame sometimes. I could edit the mask if the point did not go off the video frame but it again became too tedious for my patience. My general conclusion is that the phone based video I have does not have enough detail for PS to do proper edge detection and therefore creates the strange masks and artifacts.

    I suppose that I should mention that I am not a total noob to PS and have had most of the releases since Studio 7. My original login for this site is apparently locked and the password recovery did not work so I created this one. My apologies to anyone if I ruffled feathers with my comments.


  •  08-15-2019, 11:47 787108 in reply to 787106

    Re: Re:PS23 Masking failure

    Masking is "new" to Pinnacle. Prior Pinnacle knowledge would not be applicable with masking. Even using other editing software, you still have to basically do the same thing if there is not a contrast enough in what is being masked from it's surroundings. And yes, it can be tedious.

    As for your original login, you would have to ask a Moderator like Saby about that. 

    No feathers ruffled here... so no problem!

  •  08-15-2019, 13:40 787112 in reply to 787108

    Re: Re:PS23 Masking failure

    Contact Glus who is administrator of the forum

    There is nothing I can do for you with my moderator rights.

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