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PS21Ult export momentary audio dropout at cuts.

Last post 08-15-2019, 6:50 by Tony P. 5 replies.
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  •  08-11-2019, 12:34 786879

    PS21Ult export momentary audio dropout at cuts.

    Attachment: Export 10Aug2019.png



    Have a project 12 minutes long with 6 timelines, a separate audio track, Titles track and timer track.

    For editing purposes, I do not separate any track into video/audio. Except for two tracks, all other tracks have their sound muted. There are edits approximately every 10s and the cuts appear on all video tracks. For the purpose of selecting what track is to be visible, I use the "Active Streams" uncheck "Video" for blanking clips above the desired clip further down in the timeline. The separate audio track is not subject to cuts.

    In edit mode, the problem noted below does not occur.

    However, on Export (using the Export properties in the attachment with a file size of 1.73GB for a 12 m video),  there is a momentary sound dropout in transition from one cut to another on playback. While it does not appear to be present in all cuts, it is there for a significant number. Clearly, the higher the volume, the more discernible dropout.


    Before I start experimenting, any ideas? 


  •  08-12-2019, 8:48 786894 in reply to 786879

    Re: PS21Ult export momentary audio dropout at cuts.

    I'm assuming everything is 60P on the timeline.


  •  08-13-2019, 15:23 786974 in reply to 786894

    Re: PS21Ult export momentary audio dropout at cuts.

    Hi Tony,


    Yes..all 60p. Now I did an experiment!

    The same problem has arisen on another project all the same settings except it's an 8 minute movie approx.  Momentary dropout at all the cuts of the exported version.

    This movie is in real time. By that I mean that there are no "time" cuts. In other words, editing starts at "x" seconds in from the introduction and continues for the rest of the movie with no time jumps (if that makes sense) .

    I edited the movie in the usual way (cuts every 10 - 20s) and there is no problem when playing within PS21Ult. Playing the exported version again displays the dropout problem.

    So, painstakingly (and without going into the detail), I detached the entire audio track from the video track; placed it on its own timeline; deleted all but the first clip; and then extended the first audio clip to the end of the movie. Thus, the audio clip has no cuts.

    Result: no dropout on Export playback.  

    However, the solution is a pain. With that information any thoughts?




  •  08-14-2019, 6:18 787032 in reply to 786974

    Re: PS21Ult export momentary audio dropout at cuts.

    Hmmmm... I have no long 60/50P footage to work with. And with each new version of PS, I usually "upgrade", so only work with the latest version.

    But I do have PS21U on my computer. If you can upload an 8 min movie somewhere, I'll try it on my end and report results in both PS21 and PS23, ok?

  •  08-15-2019, 6:40 787088 in reply to 787032

    Re: PS21Ult export momentary audio dropout at cuts.

    Thanks Tony. The described work around seems to solve the problem. I'll try to give you short footage in both versions where you can hear the problem.
  •  08-15-2019, 6:50 787091 in reply to 787088

    Re: PS21Ult export momentary audio dropout at cuts.

    Ok. Include the workflow you used too.
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