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Add Open CL Hardware Acceleration

Last post 08-02-2019, 2:53 by BillRob. 0 replies.
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  •  08-02-2019, 2:53 786713

    Add Open CL Hardware Acceleration

    I've been a PS Ultimate user since version 8 and Liquid Edition and all of it's versions, since it was created. So, you see I've been very loyal to the camp in spite of also using other Professional and Enthusiast programs at the same time. I only mention this because there are other users like me who have continued to rally for this software awaiting full maturity. Now we are at version 22 which I have purchased and built a new Amd Ryzen 7 3700X system with a Radeon 5700 GPU only to fine once again, no Open CL hardware acceleration support!

    I haven't complained over the years past. I simply built all of my systems with an NVIDIA GPU. But come on Pinnacle family! It is way past time to correct this.

    AMD has made an awesome GPU in the Radeon 5700 and 5700XT proving that performance can come at reasonable prices. You make PS with the same intentions of providing an Great Editing and Creation Platform at truly fair pricing, Can you please support another company and your loyal supporters who also share this very same vision,

    Please, no one get me wrong! PS 22 Ultimate is showing good speed for my test projects so far with the new PC Build, but things could be better with more options on the table.

     My Build:

     Ryzen  7 3700x CPU, Radeon 5700 GPU, 32 GB Corsair Trident Z 3200mghtz RAM running at 4200mghz, Asrock X570 Steel Legend Mobo, 1 TB Corsair MP510 NVME SSD system drive running MS Windows 10, 1 TB MP510 NVME SSD Scratch/Render/Source/Export drive.



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