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Pinnicle Studio 22 Ultimate : Version : : Preview Window Issues

Last post 07-23-2019, 11:25 by saby. 7 replies.
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  •  07-22-2019, 18:18 786507

    Pinnicle Studio 22 Ultimate : Version : : Preview Window Issues



    I am a new user when it comes to Pinnacle Studio, but it all seems to flow pretty well as I've used other editors before.


    I have an issue with the preview window however and it is this :


    I drop my clips on to the time line, I allow them to render and then I select a clip.  It quite rightly highlights the clip in an orange type colour.  I then choose The editior option where I can change the Colour, Pan, Zoom,etc.


    The moment that editor opens, the preview window goes black.  If i then goe back one frame, the image reappears. Wierd huh?  The plot thickens as we continue.


    So I now have the prebiew image back in the preview window and (for example) I want to adjust the whit balance. the moment I adjust any slider, the preview window goes black again.  If I go back a frame, the preview reappears with the changes, but if I reset the change or adjust more, it goes black again.


    It is really frustrating the living day;ights out of me!


    I have contacted Corel's customer support "chat" and awaiting an email to supposedly help, but having tried them before with other software, I'm not optimistic.


    I can confirm that I have deleted the original project, cleared ALL render files.  I have deleted all temp files, unistalled the program and reinstalled.  I have even tried a DX repair, although being DX12, it will only go so far.


    My system specs is as follows :


    Lenovo IdeaPad 500-15ISK 80N

    Windows 10 Pro (build 18362)

    Intel i5 Processor (6th gen)

    Intel HD 520 Graphics

    AMD Radeon R7 M360 Rendering

    12 GB RAM

    2tb SSD Drive (internal)


    I can confirm that all drivers/patches are up to date at the time of posting.


    I'd appreciate any help


  •  07-22-2019, 20:04 786508 in reply to 786528

    Color Correction Preview is BLACK - Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 22


    I wrote a thread previously explaining my issue, but it seems to have vanished so appologies if this is a duplicate.  


    I have a problem where I go into tohe Color correction editior and the preview window goes black.  The only way to see my changes is to select the timeline preview, which is fine, but when I want to edit, it changes back to the Color preview window which is black.


    I'm sure there's a simple explenation, but I am fogged with frustration as to what the answer might be right now.


    For those kind enough to assist, I have cleared temp files, deleted the project file, reset the program and even reinstalled Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultra, but the probem remains

  •  07-23-2019, 5:28 786517 in reply to 786528

    Re: Color Correction Preview is BLACK - Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 22

    I think you also mentioned in your original thread that you updated all the graphics drivers and tried hardware acceleration to NONE, correct?

    I am not familiar with AMD Radeon R7 M360 performance. But have you selected either one or the other to operate ONLY? 

    Also, I am guessing you have PS22 Ultimate, not Ultra, and the software is up to date.


  •  07-23-2019, 10:44 786523 in reply to 786528

    Re: Color Correction Preview is BLACK - Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 22

    Hello Tony,


    Thanks for your reply.  I can confirm that prior to posting, I have made sure all drivers are up to date.  I have enabled Intel graphics acceleration (within the program) and also disabled it (within the program).  With the AMD side its classed as "switchable graphics" and there is a dedicated AMD application in order to control which programs/games are "accelerated" with the AMD graphics.  I have tried enabling AMD Switchable graphics by defining the Pinnacle exe location, I have also tried adding the Background rendering exe and also NGStudio exe.  I have added them individually as well as all together in many different combinations to see if anything makes a difference and unfortunately, nothing appears to change.  I have currently removed all direct acceleration.  The AMD Graphics Switching enables the user to also give a generic "boost" which you can choose it to  "optimize performance", "Balanced" or "improve picture qaulity".  Again I have tried all these with no inmprovements and at present, it is just left of "balanced".


    The version I have is Pinnacle 22 Ultimate.  A brand new purchase, it came with all the correct updates and patches.  I am assuming this is the build numbers match up to the most current release and there are also no updates available either by clicking the "Check For Update" button within the software and also there doesn't appear to be any additional patches or updates from the Pinnacle site.

    It it getting rather annoying as now, I have noticed that if I use "Color" features on a Jpeg or any compatible static image, it is absolutely fine, with zero problems.  The moment I use a movie file of any supported format, or any length, I get the black screen on the "Color" preview window.  If I then close the program, or try to at least, the software hangs and when I check task manager, NGStudio (whatever that is) hangs and says "not responding".

    I am wondering if this is the root of the problem maybe?


    Another interesting point is that once Pinnacle Studio has hung and required a force quit/close using task manager, once I leave it a few minutes for the closing processes to complete, I will then try to start it again and double clicking the software icon does nothing at all.  If I want to attempt to use Pinnacle Studio again after a hang, I have to restart my machine completely.


    It's most frustrating as I'm sure you can imagine


  •  07-23-2019, 10:55 786524 in reply to 786528

    Re: Color Correction Preview is BLACK - Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 22

    To run PS again without restarting your computer, you can open task manager(ctrl-Alt-Del) and select NGSTUDIO.EXE, then click on end task.
  •  07-23-2019, 10:59 786525 in reply to 786528

    Re: Color Correction Preview is BLACK - Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 22

    Have you tried loading and working with the sample movie project? You can load it by ?>Load Sample Movie.

    In your BIOS, can you disable the AMD graphics totally? 

    My computer specs are below, and I experience none of your issues using Color with either image or video.

    As for PS still lingering after a crash, there are other files that might still be running. That is the reason you can not just end BG Renderer and NGStudio.  Look also for Usermode Interupt and Render Manager. Even possibly Com Surrogate.

  •  07-23-2019, 11:15 786528 in reply to 786507

    Re:Pinnicle Studio 22 Ultimate : Version : : Preview Window Issues

    Hi and welcome to this forum

    What is your hardware acceleration setting?

  •  07-23-2019, 11:25 786532 in reply to 786528

    Re: Re:Pinnicle Studio 22 Ultimate : Version : : Preview Window Issues

    I ve merged your 2 threads.

    Not sure that it was a good thing because now we have a kind of cross-posting. Sorry, it s not possible to revert back to initial situation. 

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