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PSU22 and Sonic Pro 6 Light

Last post 07-18-2019, 14:42 by Tony P. 3 replies.
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  •  07-17-2019, 17:12 786447

    PSU22 and Sonic Pro 6 Light


    I am having trouble connecting SP6L and PSU22, that is starting SP6L within PSU22. That is simply not working. I have three questions: Is that a common problem and if so is there a workaround and do you know of an installing tutorial for SP6L within PSU22? 

  •  07-17-2019, 23:45 786449 in reply to 786447

    Re: PSU22 and Sonic Pro 6 Light


    Try opening SP6 1st.  Then open (load) PSU22.  A long time ago I had similar problems with the Pro version of SP6 and an earlier version of PS.  Frank the publisher of Smart Sound recommended opening SP6 before PS and it solved the problem most of the time.  Please report results.

    Good Luck,

  •  07-18-2019, 7:51 786451 in reply to 786449

    Re: PSU22 and Sonic Pro 6 Light

    He's using SFP LITE. You still need the Pinnacle plugin. Now, I am not sure if that plugin will work with SFP Lite or not. 

    IIRC, when you buy the Pinnacle plugin, you get SFP (which you need) for 21 days. After that, the plugin still works but most of the SFP features are disabled. 

  •  07-18-2019, 14:42 786463 in reply to 786451

    Re: PSU22 and Sonic Pro 6 Light

    Update of sorts.... my contact at Smartsound sent me this:

    "Regarding the Studio plugin, yes - it will work with the free version of Sonicfire Pro after the trial of the full version has expired.  All of our plugins will work with both the free and full versions of Sonicfire Pro, but we always need to make sure the plugin code is assigned to the appropriate serial number that is being used.  So if you start with the free version, then upgrade to the full version later, we need to reassign a new plugin code (no cost for this of course)."

    I asked for further clarification on SFP6 Lite and the possibility of using it with the PS plugin.

    They are in the "update everything" mode including the outdated website.


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