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PS22U Motion Tracking problem

Last post 07-13-2019, 10:48 by acsscott. 6 replies.
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  •  07-12-2019, 9:24 786370

    PS22U Motion Tracking problem

    Hello everyone!

    Just finished a vid and realized I needed to blur the tag of a car. Simple fix: Motion Tracking using MASK OBJECT... BUT

    I open the MT window, all appears as it should. I click on the MASK OBJECT, then click the area I want to mask and as soon as i do, the preview screen goes black. Sometimes it goes black as soon as I click MASK OBJECT, but not always.

    The clip has Time Remapping but little else. Thinking this might have something to do with it, I've got to the point where it goes black and let the preview screen just sit there in case it needed to render something... but apparently it could sit there all day - nothing changes.

    Because of another issue related to the latest update, I recently had to uninstall, reinstall, update so the software should be functioning properly - and seems to be doing so (with a couple bugs I've noticed, but that's a different thread topic), with the exception of this tracking issue.

    I have tried turning off tracks above and even tried using FOLLOW OBJECT. If Follow Object worked, I would have added a picture to hide the tag, but the same thing happens... a black screen. 

     Intel Core i-7-4790

    CPU 3.60 GHz

    RAM 16GB

    64-bit Windows 8

     I would certainly appreciate any thoughts or suggestions!

    Thanks in advance. Hope you're all having a wonderful day. 



  •  07-12-2019, 9:40 786372 in reply to 786370

    Re: PS22U Motion Tracking problem

    There does seem to be a lot of issues with remapped clips.  This is what I do to work around them. Copy and paste the time Remapped clip into a new project.  Export it to a new file.  Then replace the clip in your project with the exported file.  Then try the motion tracking on the new file.
  •  07-12-2019, 10:08 786374 in reply to 786372

    Re: PS22U Motion Tracking problem

    Thanks for the suggestion and the speedy reply!!  I was literally in the process of copying the clip and pasting at the end of the movie (similar concept), and i was able to use FOLLOW OBJECT... but I will try your suggestion immediately. Will let ya' know if it works!! Thanks again!
  •  07-12-2019, 10:45 786375 in reply to 786372

    Re: PS22U Motion Tracking problem

    Tried it - and this time PS22U crashed when I clicked on MT.  I have to stop working on it til this afternoon - I'll keep you posted!
  •  07-12-2019, 15:51 786377 in reply to 786370

    Re: PS22U Motion Tracking problem

    Status update:  I tried doing as suggested - made an .mp4 out of the time-remapped clip. I tried to add MT and at first it seemed to work but I needed to redo it. It crashed the software on this attempt. ARGGGGgghh!  Why do these things always happen near the end of a project!! LOL


    Anyway - will still be grateful for any other help/suggestions/thoughts/work-arounds... I'll try them all! (and keep messing around with it)


    Thanks again 


  •  07-12-2019, 17:56 786378 in reply to 786370

    Re: PS22U Motion Tracking problem

    Thanks for chiming in! It is working, though not as it should. I use a RECTANGLE shape - the size of the tag - and after it anylizes, it turns the RECTANGLE into a TRIANGLE. WTH?? I did delete Render files before attempting anything again.

    Since I need to deliver the project, I'm going thru adjusting EACH FRAME (over 25 seconds of clip!) and it's taking FOREVER, but alas, I'll do what I have to.

    Anybody else having similar issues with Motion Tracking? Is it a bug that needs to be reported? Is it still too "new" and needs revisions? (though I think Motion Tracking came out 2 versions ago)


    Thanks for the suggestion (which actually worked) and I'd love to hear if anybody is experiencing the same type of issues.


  •  07-13-2019, 10:48 786384 in reply to 786378

    Re: PS22U Motion Tracking problem

    Did the mp4 file you made of the time re-mapped clip have the same settings as the timeline?  Frame rate and interlaced/non-interlaced.
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