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PS21 Ult Rendering problem

Last post 07-01-2019, 13:48 by Volkemon. 6 replies.
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  •  06-26-2019, 7:28 785953

    PS21 Ult Rendering problem

    I've solved this problem without knowing how.

    4 minute movie with 5 video tracks, 1 audio track and some titles. There are many clips throughout. Finished editing and the movie plays correctly. However, on export (H.264/AVC; 1080p) and subsequent playback, one clip is frozen but the video continues to play correctly subsequently.  In various trials to try to solve the problem, I re-edited the problem clip so that the point at which the clip started to freeze at a cut, I removed the cut to made the clip a few seconds longer prior to the start of the freeze. Export and found that the (now lengthen) clip started to play correctly, but it froze at the point in which the cut was originally present.(BTW. When exporting was taking place, I could see the clip freeze.)

    Tried various solutions including deleting the problem clip and dragging the downstream part of the clip upstream. Not a solution. Did the same by dragging the upstream part of the clip down stream Not a solution. Changed the edit to select another clip either above or below the (initially) problem clip. The freeze problem now happened on the elected clip. Then deleted all clips above and below the problem clip. Not a solution. Finally, after many different attempts, deleted all unwanted tracks around the desired clip and it worked. It was akin to discovering a cancer and not only removing the actual disease but a considerable area around it.

    Of course what I did not try was to reload that clip from the original. Perhaps I should have but that would have taken time to find the correct section of approx. 4 -5s and then to sync it with the other clips.

  •  06-26-2019, 13:20 785960 in reply to 785953

    Re: PS21 Ult Rendering problem

    I along with others have experienced this as well.  I've never been able to pin point what causes it.  I feel it has something to do with interlaced and non-interlaced clips being joined or on multiple tracks over one another.  Also if the timeline is interlaced or not seems to have an effect.  If the clip and the timeline are interlaced, there seems to be lees of an issue.  If the clip that is freezing is interlaced and the timeline is non-interlaced, trimming one frame off the beginning normally fixes the issue.  If the configuration is the opposite, sometimes it can be a bear to get the freezing to go away.  Of course this all get multiplied when you export at a different interlace setting than the timeline.....

    I feel your pain..... 

  •  06-26-2019, 19:35 785966 in reply to 785960

    Re: PS21 Ult Rendering problem

    Attachment: Export #1.png

    Thanks for sharing the pain Acsscott.

    All the clips are from 5 GoPro Hero 4 Silver cameras and 1 GoPro Session camera all set to 60 fps NTSC. I've never experienced the problem before. I wonder might it be due to camera settings v Studio Settings. I want to record at 60fps. However, the Hero 4 Silver only allows that in NTSC and not PAL (I'm in Europe). My Studio Timeline settings are:

    Widescreen (16:9)

    Regular 2D

    HD 1920 x 1080

    60 (60p).


    Now for Export, see the attachments. I use H264/AVC with Preset = 1080P. The attachment Export #1 shows that the fps is 30 (actually 29.97) and the file size is 3.25 GB.  Would the difference in fps cause a problem? Should I use Preset = Custom with the settings as in Export #2?  Any thoughts? 
  •  06-26-2019, 19:42 785967 in reply to 785960

    Re: PS21 Ult Rendering problem

    Attachment: Export #2.png
    Export #2

  •  06-26-2019, 21:00 785968 in reply to 785967

    Re: PS21 Ult Rendering problem

    Not sure what processor you are using.  H.264 AVC should fall back to software codec if you don't have a Intel CPU that supports quicksync, but stranger things have happened.  Have you tried both export settings using MP4 Visual instead of the H.264 AVC?  The latest patch for 21.5 made the H.265 work for me on the new 8700 & 9700 processors.  I have experienced the still clips on H.265 exports as well.
  •  06-27-2019, 4:51 785982 in reply to 785968

    Re: PS21 Ult Rendering problem

    Thanks Acsscott. System = Dell T3610 operating Windows 10 Pro 64 bit with Intel Xeon CPU E5-1650 v2 @ 3.5 GHz (12 CPUs) and 16 GB RAM.  AMD FirePro V4900 (Fire GL V).  DirectX 12.    Studio = v21.5.0.274 (64 bit)

    Have not experienced the problem before.

  •  07-01-2019, 13:48 786121 in reply to 785982

    Re: PS21 Ult Rendering problem

    Hi Darcon!

     I had similar issues, there would be a frozen clip in the final product, and it was visible while exporting. 

     I used to have that problem often, but being that it was only one 'freeze' in a 90 minute set, I didnt lose sleep over it. It sorta got solved fixing another issue. 

     I see in both your export settings the  peak bitrate is 100 Mbs (or 1000 kbs). I had problems with final file size using that, and I had NO source material beyond 24 Mbs. The majority were at 12.  I set the bitrate to 12Mbs and reduced file size greatly, and it has not givin me a frozen frame since . If you dont need that high a bitrate, try lowering it. 

     I am running similar specs to you - (I think...bit of a noob here. ) 

    Dell XPS  with Win 10 Pro 64 bit

     i7-8700 cpu 3.20 GHz / 4.60GHz 'turbo'  ( I have seen 4.3 )

    6 core / 12 thread  

    32GB ram DDR4 2666 

    12Mb cache 

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