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7 Years of disappointment

Last post 06-30-2019, 11:17 by Tony P. 10 replies.
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  •  06-28-2019, 15:33 786037

    7 Years of disappointment

    Worked with Pinnacle Studio for 7 entire years by now and they seem not to have fixed their major bugs. Even after almost a decade, the new version (22 ultimate) keeps on freezing and crashing. Wanted to start it after initial installation, it crashed. Got it going somehow, wanted to export a movie, it crashed. Starting windows in safe mode, re-installing, etc., the same issues for seven years straight. I paid several times for the updates. 60 bucks now again. It is not too bad of an editor once it runs but after 7 years of having the same problems, I’m off. 

    Corel needs to understand that in the digital age there’s too much competition in terms of user experience in order to not getting those basic issues fixed. -1 Customer now, disappointed. Your money goes to adobe now.
  •  06-28-2019, 15:55 786042 in reply to 786037

    Re:7 Years of disappointment

    I had to delete the duplicate thread.

    7 years is a lot, but 14 years is terrible !   Big Smile

  •  06-28-2019, 16:01 786043 in reply to 786042

    Re: Re:7 Years of disappointment

    And this is your first post? After 7 years?

    Sorry to hear of your problems, but you gave zero information. Nothing. PS doesn't crash on my computer and I have successfully exported everything I start. From 1080HD to UHD4K. Are there issues? Sure. But if I had one, I would include my OS, computer hardware in detail, etc... to see if anyone could help.

  •  06-28-2019, 16:08 786044 in reply to 786037

    Re: 7 Years of disappointment

    I would say version 21.5 was pretty good and is the one i use along with Adobe premier elements. I refuse to ever buy a subscription based product like Premier Pro, mind you adobe premier has a horrible grey looking interface but is quite easy to use.  

    Agree the Studio 22 version just horrific, they must have lost a lot of users with that update. You expect bugs but 22 is on another level.  


  •  06-28-2019, 16:23 786045 in reply to 786044

    Re: 7 Years of disappointment

    PS22 is working like a charm on my systems.

    Definitely the most stable version I've ever used. I've been a Pinnacle Studio user since V 1.6 back in 1999.

  •  06-28-2019, 16:47 786048 in reply to 786045

    Re: 7 Years of disappointment

    After using a number of different NLE's I have the least problems with PS22.  I read about others having big problems but I rarely have big problems that are not my own doing. Have never not finished a project. If every computer was the same it would probably not be as big of a challenge for programmers.
  •  06-28-2019, 17:19 786049 in reply to 786037

    Re: 7 Years of disappointment

    Your money goes to adobe now.

    Really? With their subscrpition model? There are a lot of better choices than that, and one of them is Pinnacle.

  •  06-28-2019, 17:27 786051 in reply to 786049

    Re: 7 Years of disappointment

    Many are leaving Adobe CC because of the increased rate subscription model. There are lots of other alternatives out there that work just as well, or better.

    I'm ok where I am at with what I have. PS has served me well for the most part (there have been some not so great releases that were later brought back to a stable editor) since 2002. 

    I've tried a lot of other software out there, and have several on my computer right now. But when I have to edit with deadlines... PS is the one I open and use. 

    But that's me....

  •  06-29-2019, 17:35 786064 in reply to 786051

    Re: 7 Years of disappointment

    Well I've owned 8 of the 16 (?) versions of Pinnacle Studio going back to v1 in 1999. I've used it on many different versions of Windows from 98 to 10. 

    While I have recently moaned quite a bit about certain functions in S22 that I don't like, I can honestly say I have never

    had a major problem with any version of the program continually crashing in all those years. Yes, there ARE crashes sometimes, often for no apparent reason, but that's computing.

    I even continued to use Studio 12 which was made for Windows XP, right up to Windows 10 (which some people on this forum claimed was impossible) but it virtually never crashed.

    I would expect that if this video editor has caused crashes for you continually for 7 years, it is highly likely that other video editors will do exactly the same. The problem is 100% clearly not

    Studio to blame. If it was, nobody would be using it and it would never have reached v22.




  •  06-30-2019, 4:36 786069 in reply to 786064

    Re: 7 Years of disappointment

    1st post 2 days ago after 7 years and nothing else since then. 

    I just brought back my troll detector to the after sale guy. I don't understand why it did not ring despite sensitivity set to high.    Confused

  •  06-30-2019, 11:17 786083 in reply to 786069

    Re: 7 Years of disappointment

    If I had 7 years of bad luck with a product....... I certainly would not bother with it.

    And yet, no more replies from this person. Strange in deed. 

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