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Export only shows one frame, audio normal

Last post 06-18-2019, 18:23 by Volkemon. 1 replies.
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  •  06-18-2019, 12:20 785765

    Export only shows one frame, audio normal

    Hi Folks! 

    Pinnacle 21 ultimate. I am using 2-4 cameras on live music performances to mix down.  

    I have found that the program freezes when I try to ask it to do too many things, so I have been using this method:

    1) load the first segment of each camera angle into multicam. (Trying to load all the segments at once causes multicam to freeze.)  Let all the segments render, then audio sync.

    2) after they sync, add up to 3 segments at a time to each track. adding more than this locks up multicam. Allow each addition to render before adding more.

    3) When all the segments are added, and rendered, i go ahead and do my multicam editing. I usually use the best camera audio as the output audio for the multicam. I do have soundboard recording that I mix in after, but the lack of volume controls in the multicam editor makes it difficult to get a good mix between channels. 

    4) Once I do the multicam editing, I export the resulting video file as an MP4 with specs matching the source material. I have found if I return directly to editing with the multicam project, the audio does not sync well at all. Often the waveforms will appear to be sync'd, but the audio is not. So i was going by ear, and moving the additional audio slightly until it sounded right, regardless of what the waveform shows. Even then, the sound is not quite 'on'. SO... I learned to export the multicam as a movie, re-import it to pinnacle after a restart, and add the soundboard audio after. This has resolved the sound issue, and worked well up to now...



    Now generally when I edit the MP4 generated by exporting the multicam project, the editing process is smooth. The sound sync's up, and is easy to edit to account for drift.


    But this latest project, when I export the progress screen only shows the first frame of the movie, and exports that along with the sound. Sound is good, but no video. Titles do work fine, and appear over the one frozen frame. Editing the project is totally normal, and shows no sign of trouble. 


    Gonna go back tonight and figure it out. There is only a fade in and out for transitions, and 3 titles.  I dont see what I did different than the last few projects that worked... but this one didnt.


    Anyone else out there doing music videos with Pinnacle? I am talking 1-3 hr sets from multiple cameras, and adding soundboard sound. I LOVE the multicam feature, but using the rest of the program has been hair-tearing out frustrating for about a year now.   ( I joined this forum over a year ago!)


     I keep trying, as any software has to be learned, and even bought a new computer just for video production. 32GB of RAM, but what a waste...the program never uses more than 4GB or so, I was told it was not compiled in 64 bit? Thats for another question, however.  


    I have several workarounds for the program freezing up all the time, but this is a new problem. And I have bands and promoter getting very impatient. 



  •  06-18-2019, 18:23 785774 in reply to 785765

    Re: Export only shows one frame, audio normal



    Ok, got home and started to remove elements of the movie. Got all the way to just the MP4 file, still froze on export. While in the export mode, one could view the movie, and it ran fine. 


    Restored everything using undo, checked the audio... all was good. 


    I then changed the timeline framerate:  Was at 30p, changed to 60i 


    Source material was 30p, and generated by pinnacle. (was exported at 29.97.  Display Information says 30)

    Set export framerate to  59.97, and the file was jittery, and TV did not recognize the format. 

    Set export framerate to 29.97, and it gave a nice picture and sound on the computer. Plays great on the TV. 


    Well, at least it works. Lets see if it works again.  



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