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Multi-Camera Editor Feature Request

Last post 06-18-2019, 13:41 by Volkemon. 6 replies.
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  •  02-01-2016, 2:54 703367

    Multi-Camera Editor Feature Request

    After editing two games using the Multi-Camera Editor (MCE), I've come up with some items that will make this feature work better:


    1. The only way to zoom in and out of the timeline is with the + - scale on the lower left corner.  However within PS you zoom in by clicking on the timeline on top and moving the mouse left or right.  I would like that same Zoom feature added into the MCE so the UI is the same.
    2. Any markers that we place on the original footage via the Corrections Screen should get moved into the MCE screen.
    3. Give us a 2-camera preview screen so we can have two large preview screens on the left hand side.  This way we'll have a 2, 4 and 6 camera preview area
    4. Give us the ability to adjust the size of the MCE screen AND adjust the size of each element of the screen.  I see three main elements - the preview element, the current selected screen element and the timeline element.  Allow us to grab the corners of the main MCE window and make it larger or smaller, or grab the line defining the three elements and adjust the size of each.  Right now I'm working on a large 1920 x 1080 screen and the MCE preview screens are very small and hard to use.
    5. I would like to have the audio selection based on it's own timeline like the Multi-Camera.  For example, we may want to show Camera 1 but we want the audio from Camera 2.  Then the next scene may be Camera 1 but we want the audio to be a mix of both Camera 1 and Camera 2.  Therefore under the PIP timeline I would like to see Audio Selection (NOTE: Auto Audio doesn't work for this situation).
    6. Change the name of the clip to be just the filename, not the full path and filename.  Also can you add the ending frame to the clips as well?  On the same line, add the option to right click on the clip and select "More Information" which shows the full path and other useful information about the clip.
    7. Allow for multiple markers.
    8. Allow us to modify the volume on each camera so we can boost the volume on one and reduce on the other.


    9.  03-04-2016, 17:11 706104 in reply to 703367

      Re: Multi-Camera Editor Feature Request

      I have a few more feature requests for the MCE feature:

      1. If we place an MCE on the timeline, then go edit the original MCE that exists in the bin or collection, the MCE on the timeline doesn't get updated.  I would like to see a "Resync" option added so we can right click on the MCE in the bin/collection and select an option called "Resync" or "Update Timeline".

      2. Within the MCE let's say you go back and add a clip that's before a clip you're already done.  When you hit pause it takes that clip and extends it all the way to the next clip that you didn't want to touch.  It would be nice if we had an option in MCE to either extend or not to extend the clip to the next clip.

      3. In the MCE Editor give us the abilily to play just the Multi-Camera track so we can see how it all looks before we press OK.  Right now we have to press OK then watch it within the bin, then go back into MCE to fix, press OK and watch in the bin, etc..


    10.  03-04-2016, 20:07 706123 in reply to 706104

      Re: Multi-Camera Editor Feature Request

      Excellent suggestions.  Yes
    11.  04-14-2016, 4:56 709981 in reply to 703367

      Re: Multi-Camera Editor Feature Request

      Now that I've been using the MCE every day I've come up with some more feature requests:

      1. If we place an MCE in a project bin onto the timeline, all the video that's used in the MCE get's checked HOWEVER the MCE itself doesn't get checked.  Therefore I don't have any easy way to see which MCE files I've used on the timeline.

      2. There is no way to do Effects Editing within the MCE Editor.  If you do the effects editing within the timeline it doesn't always work and it slows everything down in a huge way.  A good example is adjusting the zoom and tilt of a GoPro video that's used within an MCE Session.  If I use the GoPro clip three times within an MCE session and I go and use the Effect Editor on the timeline, it only adjusts the GoPro footage on the first take but doesn't adjust on any other takes.  However if I can do the effect editing within the MCE on the entire GoPro clip then I can fix the issues there and have it all fixed on the timeline.

      Hope these help. 

    12.  03-20-2019, 13:27 781922 in reply to 709981

      Re: Multi-Camera Editor Feature Request

      I'm still using P19 and I'm considering upgrading to P22.  Does anyone know if these MCE suggestions have been addressed at all?
    13.  03-20-2019, 14:07 781926 in reply to 781922

      Re: Multi-Camera Editor Feature Request

      Unfortunately, these requests have not been taken into account.
    14.  06-18-2019, 13:41 785770 in reply to 781926

      Re: Multi-Camera Editor Feature Request

      Noob here, but I did ask support and they said it wasnt possible..


      When in MCE, make it so the default transition can be set to crossfade. After I do a multicam edit, I have to go back and click on *every*single* transition*  to switch it to a fade. In a 3 hr show, there can be ~200 fades, and it takes some time to change all these!


      Thank you.  

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