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st21.5ult - slideshow ( series of stills) export to file loses simple transitions

Last post 06-10-2019, 23:20 by idic5. 0 replies.
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  •  06-10-2019, 23:20 785650

    st21.5ult - slideshow ( series of stills) export to file loses simple transitions

    such as dissolves. 15 min project. I get this symptom whether I am  exporting to 4k  or to 1080p. I get this when I select 'always re- encode movie' or not. I always delete render files and do the export after a fresh boot. I did not get this in previous attempts at this project, so I am wondering what went down? I dont run another processes at the same time.

    Where is that std studio project stored? Maybe I can see if it happens w/ this one. 

    I chopped the 15 min project down to the time when the lost dissolves began, about 1 min in, and I still got this problem, so project lgth is not the factor. 

    The project worked fine today as well as many other times,  the first time I rendered it, then subsequent times, I got this problem. It is as if I have to have a day between renders and it senses I am iteratively changing it. 

    I wondered if it had something to do w/ my nvideo grpahics card as I was seeing certain parts of the project clip not displaying correctly on the timeline and so I reset the GPU  card to factory settings. After this, all dissolves except in the last 2 mins of the 15 min project were fine. But the last two mins had the problem.  Cd it also be a corrupt studio app? how can we reset studio ult 21.5?


    HW accel = CUDA = problem

    HW ACCEL = NONE =problem 

    HW=INTEL = NO problem  ( I also did a restore to factory resets on the nvidia card) -- this seemed to do the trick ... FOR NOW! :) 

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