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Flip transitions

Last post 06-01-2019, 10:11 by Phil P. 5 replies.
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  •  05-28-2019, 10:34 785236

    Flip transitions

    Many many years ago in the days of the Pentium P4 chip I had a Pinnacle video editing software.
    Years later I changed to PowerDirector and eventually to version PD14 (the latest is PD17).
    The FlipII  transition is solid like a paving brick. Rather clumsy!
    At some time years ago I have seen a Flip transition demonstrated in Pinnacle Studio that is thin like a pane of glass but looking for this now has been unsuccessful.
    I have searched and searched to no avail.
    Can anybody please help me find this thin Flipping transition?
    I don't want to go ahead and buy the software and find out that this thin transition does not exist in Pinnacle Studio.

    I might also add that this thin transition is ably demonstrated in the Superman movie at the beginning where the three criminals are despatched to outer space on this very thin flipping 'transition'.
  •  05-28-2019, 13:31 785238 in reply to 785236

    Re:Flip transitions

    Difficult to give you an answer since we don't have a lot of details about what this transition should look like.

    A trial version of PS is available here :

    You could safely install it.


  •  05-28-2019, 17:56 785239 in reply to 785238

    Re: Re:Flip transitions

    I think this is the effect he's looking for. It's from the Superman 2 movie. It looks kind of 3D-ish. Maybe it's something from Hollywood FX?


  •  05-29-2019, 12:37 785254 in reply to 785239

    Re: Re:Flip transitions

    Yes, loosecannon, that is the effect/transition I am looking for.
  •  05-29-2019, 13:24 785257 in reply to 785254

    Re: Re:Flip transitions

    With a bunch of keyframing and 3D CPU Editor effect you can do the same sort of effect.

    You can play with Position, Size and Rotation X, Y Z  to make it.

  •  06-01-2019, 10:11 785348 in reply to 785257

    Re: Re:Flip transitions

    Thanks saby, I have downloaded the TRIAL version so will try to see if I can do that.

    I just looked at the video I made using PowerDirector 7 and the FlipII transition was used more as an effect than a transition. I just split the video and inserted the FlipII transition which spun and flipped and the same video was on both sides but the background was black. After a set time of spinning and flipping it returned to fill the screen. I used it three times in the 7 minute video but don't like it being so thick and want it to be thin like a pane of glass. I was very surprised to see that my Trial version of Pinnacle Studio doesn't seem to have one that will do the same thing.
    The closest I got was the Hollywood Fx for Studio - Flying windows - Pro Spin Out but that has 2 windows flying close to each other which is not what I want.

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