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Pinnacle Studio 22 looses surround sound

Last post 05-10-2019, 10:18 by Grzegorz. 0 replies.
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  •  05-10-2019, 10:18 784690

    Pinnacle Studio 22 looses surround sound

    I observed the following effect (unfortunately at the very end of movie creation):

    I have a camera which stores sound in DD 5.1 (clips are in MTS format)

    I imprted clips, create movie and then for all clips I chaned panning from 'Center channel off' to 5.1.

    Finally I export movie in MTS multichannel. As result I get multichannel format but with only left/right channels occupied.

    I tried to verify where the problem is, so I imported new clip and tne exported it: sound is properly 'around' me. But as soon as I touch audio mixer Pinnacle 'downsizes' sound to stereo with no way back.

     This bug was not  present in Pinnacle 20, 21 and I am almost sure with the very first version of 22. This should have been introduced with the patch published end of 2018.

     I sent this bug to Pinnacle (no answer up to now).

    Does any one have the same problem like me?


    Best regards,


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