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No Input signal

Last post 05-04-2019, 7:10 by saby. 5 replies.
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  •  05-03-2019, 6:09 784445

    No Input signal

    I have just received the pinnicle studio for dazzle disc and installed it. I bought it mainly for transferring films etc that I have on a DVD recorder hard drive in which

    the DVD burner doesn't  work any more. I have connected all the coloured plugs up , started a film on the DVD HD  and started up pinnicle but when I press import-Dazzle video capture-video composite

    all I get is no input signal on the screen . The only thing that I can see where the problem lies is that when I press the arrow next to Dazzle video capture it has NTSC instead of PAL (im in the UK) but when I click on setup-control panel-preview-external preview is set at PAL.  Anyone Help Cheers

  •  05-03-2019, 7:28 784447 in reply to 784445

    Re:No Input signal

    Please, modify the title of your thread. Not working is too vague. Most people are coming here because something is not working on their system.

    JFYI, it's Pinnacle, not Pinnicle.  Smile

    What if you try to capture your videos using this tool :

    Setup, Control panel, External preview is not a setting for Import but for display of what is on the timeline.

  •  05-04-2019, 1:04 784459 in reply to 784447

    Re: Re:No Input signal

    Thanks Saby , i'll maybe give it a try .Would it work with Dazzle ? I don't really need fancy editing software as im just looking for a way to move films on to my computer HD. If all fails I guess I could open up the DVD recorder take out the HD and try to move the files that way if possible. I wont be using the DVD recorder again  anyway. cheers
  •  05-04-2019, 3:38 784461 in reply to 784459

    Re: Re:No Input signal

    It should work with the Dazzle.
  •  05-04-2019, 5:53 784467 in reply to 784461

    Re: Re:No Input signal

    Got it working with pinnacle !  Turns out I had the coloured plugs in the wrong place, front of the DVD recorder instead of back ( he said shame faced) thanks for your help. Cheers
  •  05-04-2019, 7:10 784471 in reply to 784467

    Re: Re:No Input signal

    Ah, ah !   Big Smile

    Front is usually for input, not output.

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